Christmas Party at Yedthadi Tent School-December

Christmas Party at Yedthadi Tent School-December

On 25th of December we, the tent school volunteers Johanna and Hester, together with teacher Shalini organized a Christmas party in the Yedthadi tent school. With the help of the children, Geetha – teacher and Monica – volunteer of the other tent school in Baikadi, our small school was decorated nicely with stars, glitter and a Christmas tree, which the children crafted the day before by themselves.

Volunteer-India-Christmas celebration Volunteer-India-Christmas celebration
Volunteer-India-Christmas celebration

To create a Christmas like atmosphere we also played Christmas songs and tried to teach the children „Jingle bells“ although it didn’t work out in the end. But that doesn’t matter, the children enjoyed it. At lunchtime the guests, our coordinator, our host sisters, Johanna’s family from Germany and another volunteer arrived and we started the program with a nice ”Uta” (Meal).  Afterwards we slowly (everyone was stuffed with food) started to play some games. The children had fun and the guests also joined happily.

Volunteer-India-Christmas celebration

The next big program point was actually again food, as we bought a lot of snacks and plum cakes for the party the day before. Each child got a small cup filled with sweets. We ate them while sitting together on the ground. Before we again started our entertainment the children were eager to show their homes to the guests, so we went with them to the small tent village. The children were full of excitement and pride as they ran in front of us and led the way. What a jolly crowd we were! We finished the party with giving a small present to each child. The older ones got a notebook with pencil and eraser, the small ones a smiling softball. Furthermore they got a photo of themselves.

All in all it was a successful party. Everyone enjoyed the time spent together and we had a lovely Christmas day full of food, fun and happiness! We want to say a big thank you to everyone who joined and helped that day. Especially to Johanna’s parents as they sponsored the food and the presents for the children.

By Johanna and Hester (HBP – Tent school project Volunteers)


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