16th Happy Move camp- Pongal Celebration!!

16th Happy Move camp- Pongal Celebration!!

FSL India had organized the Global youth Volunteering program- 16th Happy Move camp in January 2016. The camp has been organized for 10 days in Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu state in India. Nearly 105 volunteers (both Korean and Indian) have participated in 16th HMC.

Volunteer-India-Pongal celebration

As a component of the camp, Fsl India had organized the Inter Cultural program to the Korean volunteers by Celebrating “Traditional Pongal” festival. On 24.01.2015, the Korean volunteers were divided into 10 teams and each team of 10 participants was taken to 10 Tamil family houses to celebrate Pongal Festival. The Korean volunteers were dressed with the traditional Indian Dhoti and Half Sari to represent them as from the same region to mingle the local community people. The women members of each family have given traditional welcome and took them to their respective home. The volunteers get parted and initiate the process of each and every things like ornamenting, garlanding, putting rongoli, preparation of Pongal, devotes  of gods, pray, wearing cultural bangles, cooking pongal, etc., During the celebration, all the volunteers are gathered at the entrance of each house and shared their cultural events like traditional dance and rangoli to share the Joy and the prosperity for the endeavor.

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