Host family -Promotion!

Host family -Promotion!

As a youth day celebration, we organized a meeting with the community in Mavinakatte school  where we gave information about our long term volunteering program and its use for the community and explained about the different themes where our Long term volunteers are working.

Volunteer-India- host familyVolunteer-India- host family

Furthermore, we explained about the host family concept where and how the volunteer will adapt to the Indian culture and how they implement this culture in their daily life when they are in India or also when they are back to their respective countries.

We also explained them about how the family will get the different advantages if they host a volunteer and we asked them to invite us to the different functions which take place in around our premises where the volunteers can also get the chance to meet the different community people and can have a close look of the community and the culture.

After having this meeting we expect we will get some more host families near this town where the volunteers can explore the real Indian culture and its traditions.

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