Tent Excursion-December, 2015

Tent Excursion-December, 2015

On 4th December – 2015 FSL-India’s Tent school team organized an excursion trip for Yedthadi tent school children to Uppinkote Island, which is located 10 km away from Brahmavar. A total of 14 children participated in the excursion. It was a part of education trip. Usually tent school children will not get a chance to go for exposure trip, because of that we have organizes trips which makes children happy. Children enjoyed to climbing nets, jumping, swings etc…. and enjoyed the moment . It was the first excursion trip to Yedthadi new children.

Volunteer-India-Tent school Volunteer-India-Tent school

This kind of trips offers an exposure to children for to get experience and chance to build rapport with other children. Children, teachers and volunteers are enjoyed the day without regular routine . Really it was a good time to be with children and get to know more about each other and moreover it also made children’s minds relax and refresh.

Volunteer-India-Tent schoolVolunteer-India-Tent school

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