Play for Peace- Kundpur

Play for Peace- Kundpur

This time LTV, FSL India- Kundapura organized a Play For Peace (PFP) session in Government Higher Primary School, Mavinakatte. The objective of this session was to promote positive relationships among children from cultures in conflict. The session was planned for 1.30 hours. Children really enjoyed participating. We used energizers, ice breakers and communication methods in this activity.

Volunteer-India-Play for Peace Volunteer-India-Play for Peace

Mavinakatte is a small village in Kundapur. The population is around 1800 inhabitants. Mainly Hindu and Muslim people are living in this village. The school is run by the government and nearly 172 children study in it.  FSL LTV staff led these PFP activities. The session began with an introduction and continued with energizers. Along with the children we agreed to common rules to make this program a success. Surprisingly children kept their promise and actively participated in each of the activities.

Volunteer-India-Play for PeaceVolunteer-India-Play for Peace

During the activities other children from the same school wanted take part. We promised the students to come back soon and develop more sessions with them due to the high motivation shown towards this activity.The games were mainly focused on team building. We wanted the children to learn values such as cooperation, team work and care for others whatever their culture, religion or gender.

Overall we considered the session to have been successful and positive for understanding the meaning of respect among these school children.

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