Plastic waste management

Plastic waste management

On December 5th 2015, HBP staff and volunteers along with other training centre staff members went to Gulwadi (small village next to ours) to learn how plastic waste is segregated in around our training centre area. It was very interesting to see how, here in India, waste management happens. Ladies were separating small pieces of plastics according to different characteristics and men where cutting the big pieces of plastics into small ones for an easier transportation. Big parcels made out of squeezed plastic bottles were in piles at the entrance of the factory waiting
to be sent to recycling plants.

Volunteer-India-Waste managment Volunteer-India-Waste managment  

The manager of the place explained how they collect the plastics from the nearby villages, which ones they need to wash before recycling, how many people are working there, etc. The aim of this visit was to get some waste materials and make them become signboards made out of re-used material for the trees in our SAP-K area. Moreover, we managed to have nice interaction with the person in charge in the waste segregation plant and to witness how waste segregation and recycling happens in India

.Volunteer-India-Waste managmentVolunteer-India-Waste managment

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