Kitchen garden-Yethadi, tent school

Kitchen garden-Yethadi, tent school

Yesterday, Monday December 21st SAP-K volunteers and staff visited tent school in order to create a kitchen garden for the tent community living in Yethadi. We also counted on YDP- Bangalore volunteers who have been taking part in SAP-K activities for the last few days.

Volunteers-India-Tent school Volunteers-India-Tent school
It was hard but rewarding work. At the beginning, i was really hot and difficult to work with the soil but with positive energy and team work we managed to create a kitchen garden of 5 beds and protect it from animals with
metal sheets. We planted chili, brinjal and tomato plants raised in our training center and asked the people living in the tent community to look after them daily.

Volunteers-India-Tent schoolVolunteers-India-Tent school

We also fertilized the ground with own home-made vermicompost! Tent school teachers will monitor that maintenance is going on so, hopefully, in some months they will count on vegetables grown on their own kitchen garden. We consider the day of yesterday a very positive one for SAP-K and Tent School. We are proud and happy of our SAP-K and YDP team for helping Yedthadi community members and to make SAP-K to go across the boundaries of training
centre. This is the way we have, from training centre, to make community become sustainable and healthier.
Thanks to everyone of you to make it happen!

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