Happy Diwali from Shetrakatte….

Happy Diwali from Shetrakatte….

Today 10th of November we celebrated the Diwali festival in the training centre. Diwali is also called the ‘Festival of Light’ and it is celebrated on New Moon night of the month of Kartika according to our Hindu calendar (in the Gregorian calendar, from  mid October to mid November)

Volunteers-India-Diwali celebration Volunteers-India-Diwali celebration

The significance of this festival is a lightening of our soul, for example to brighten our future, to wish positive things for us and for our friends and family and to bring some light into the lives of people who are suffering or who feel lost nowadays

.Volunteers-India-Diwali celebration All the FSL India staff who stay in the FSL India training centre, were happy to celebrate Diwali together. We organized the clay lamps and arranged them in attractive designs. We lit all the oil lamps and the training centre looked amazing. Afterwards, we shared sweets and had dinner all together.

It was a great evening, we had a lovely time and we wish you all a happy Diwali.

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