Cultural meet-Chennai and Pondicherry

Cultural meet-Chennai and Pondicherry

In the month of October 2015, FSL organized two different of Cultural visit in two places, one meet was in Chennai zone and another one was in Pondicherry. In Chennai Zone our FSL Coordinator took five volunteer to a project called Gnanodaya


Volunteer-India-Cultural meet

where there are 90 orphan and semi orphan are getting free education, there in the project our Cultural meet volunteer spent lot of time with children, played with them, taught them different games and conducted play for Peace activities.

In Pondicherry there were only one volunteer who was eligible to attend the cultural meet. Our Coordinator took volunteer to many places such as Art exhibition, Ganesha temple, Arabinto Ashram, Arabinto handmade paper factory and so on..,

Our coordinator took volunteers to different places where all the Cultural meet volunteer enjoyed and engaged themselves with so much activities. Also all the Coordinator done individual one to one talk with each and every volunteer and during the talk volunteer and Coordinator talks about their project, intercultural experience, about host family etc..,


Here are the some feedback which has written by cultural meet Volunteers:

I spent such a nice day with Nagoor (Coordinator) in Pondicherry! He organised a very interesting program which I definitely could not manage on my own for an example as a tourist.

Temple: A really amazing and interesting place. Nagoor gave me a lot of instruction and knowledge about religion topics! I hope I will keep there in mind!

Art Gallery: Also a great idea to go there! I was really impressed and inspired! Thank you nice place and discussions we had!

On the whole: Thanks you so much for that great day, nice places and discussion we had! Wish you the best for the next meeting with other volunteers.

Paper factory: I loved it! A good chance to buy some nice presents/cards etc. Thank you for showing me this place!

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