Vermicompost tank in our training centre- SAP-K

Vermicompost tank in our training centre- SAP-K

Last Tuesday, September 23rd was another important day in our training centre due to a big improvement in our vermi-composting activities. We released 5 kg of worms which will help to create powerful, free of cost and organic fertilizer for the plants and trees we have in our field. 


This makes us closer to our aim, which is sustainability. We make use of dry leaves, cow dung and kitchen waste so we do not depend on the outside to purchase fertilizers but we are creating it on our own recycling different types of waste.
It has been a long process as we have faced different challenges while building it like dogs eating the food (solved by a metal mesh on top of the tank) or red ants being a threat for the worms (problem solved with a water pipe that does not let the ants go inside). However, we are happy and proud of this work because after few months we will be ready to fertile our plants and trees with this home-made, organic and effective compost.

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