Training on terrace gardening

Training on terrace gardening

On Monday October 19th, our training center staff attended a training conveyed by Mr. Doreswamy on terrace gardening.  We learnt how important this type of cultivation and it does not requires large land. It might be a new trend but it is very helpful for people to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers in an organic and sustainable way.

Volunteer-India-Terrace garden

However in rural areas terrace cultivation happens in sloppy landscapes, where people level the ground to use it for agriculture activities, such as vegetable cultivation and rice plantation.

Roof kitchen gardening does not need much time and energy. The garden will be very near and people can work whenever they are free like weekends, mornings or evenings. Nowadays terrace gardening is becoming famous in cities because people can easily get lots of information from the internet, books.

In our training centre we are already working on the implementation of terrace cultivation making the most of our sloppy SAP-K area.

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