Great work by volunteer Lukas Weskamp- Baby Sarah’s Home, Stephen raj

Great work by volunteer Lukas Weskamp- Baby Sarah’s Home, Stephen raj

Volunteer-India-PondicherryMr. Lukas Weskamp, Germany provided his valuable service in our home for the orphan and destitute, children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities by teaching, assisted in special school, trained our students in various games and recreational activities, contributed in various events organized by our Organization during the service, and involved in the daily routine activities of our home and in various recreational activities for the orphan children.

Assisted our Special Educators by taking our children to Beach, walking and other outdoor activities and worked for the welfare of our Disabled children and also helped professionally for the effective functioning of the Special School Education, contributed a lot to the fulfillment of basic needs of all our children which helped us to function more professionally and purposefully.

Provided us a great support in taking our children who are in need of medical support to hospital during emergencies and for medical checkups and follow ups.

Played a very important role in making our school students to become more sociable by taking them to various events and programmes in and around Puducherry, provided a great support in guiding at our school boys and girls who were in need of educational guidance arid emotional support other special needs children in acquiring activities of daily living skills and helped them to learn Guitar and other music instruments.


Provided lot of inputs and ideas during the preparation and publication of our first three newsletters and also supported us in managing our webpage and Facebook Profile.

Provided a great support in maintaining our Terrace Organic Garden, trained some of our Disabled Children, trained our children in preparing organic compost and vermin compost.

Supported us a lot in buying and implementing Super fans and Tube lights which consume very less power.

Helped us in finishing our painting projects and many of the pending works, spent lots of time in taking care of our children with special needs, trained them in activities of daily living, involved them in play activities.

Always a great support in communicating the needs of the children to us which helped us to meet the expectations of our children. Assisted our children during the various events, programmes, workshops, dance programmes, helped our children to participate in many social events which has helped our children to become more sociable.

He is always a great support to us whenever there is lack or absence of resource, his volunteering service has helped us to develop as a healthy organization. Always a great support to other volunteers whenever they are in need of helping hand, support and involvement.

Worked for the welfare of Disabled and Non disabled children, his contribution and volunteering service have resulted in positive and permanent changes in many of our children.  We, on behalf of all the children of Baby Sarah’s Home wish Mr. Lukas Weskamp all the best for his future academics, career and future social involvement for the underprivileged.

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