“Go Green, Plant Green”: Winter camp at Kundapura….

“Go Green, Plant Green”: Winter camp at Kundapura….

Winter camp was held at Kundapura training center from 12th to 27th October 2015. Volunteers from regular teaching and orphan teaching participated in this camp and HBP organized it.  The activities were mainly related to sustainable agriculture and, in total, 17 volunteers took part in it. Staff from HBP, work camp and LTV supported the camp.

Volunteer-India-Winter campVolunteer-India-Winter camp

The main activities carried out during the camp are:

Trenches repair, digging pits for fruit plantation, planting fruit samplings, fencing/ protection of the plants, fencing work for kitchen garden and ground leveling, weeding and sowing vegetable seeds, nursery management activities (filtering sand and soil fill in nursery bags, sowing seeds and transplanting samplings), biomass collection. The volunteers also visited cashew factory, farmer’s house and visit to international school. These visits provided the volunteers with intercultural experience through interactions with local community.

Volunteer-India-Winter camp Volunteer-India-Winter camp

Volunteers learnt about SAP-K related activities and all enjoyed while doing work. Volunteers will be able to develop some of the activities in their host families’ and project place.

Volunteer-India-Winter camp Volunteer-India-Winter campHBP staff really appreciated the contribution of volunteers to SAP-K and they are thankful for the time and effort put on all the activities developed in these ten days.

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