Beach Cleaning Day in Kundapur and KVK event

Beach Cleaning Day in Kundapur and KVK event

Last Friday October 9th, Our HBP volunteers and staff had a busy day attending different events.First of all, we participated in Beach Cleaning Day at Kodi Beach in Kundapur along with college students and members of the Rotary Club and other social organisations.

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We enjoyed taking part in this activity as it is always positive to participate in events to raise awareness about social and environmental issues among young people. Not only did we have time to remove a huge amount of plastics from the beach but we also had time to interact with the students and have fun time with them. Afterwards, we attended the big fair which was took place in KVK, where we could visit several informational stalls set up by local farmers. There were different debates and competitions going on. We also made the most of the visit and purchased many seeds to be sowed in our training center in the following days.


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