Spreading Appropriate technology  among the community and students and make them getting benefited is the major objective of CSR collaboration of Hyundai Steel India and FSL India. But spreading AT and make generations getting benefited is the hidden longer goal of the initiative…! Do you know how?!

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There is a saying that if one woman gets educated whole family will be getting educated. If one teacher gets educated on Appropriate Technology, Imagine, how many generations gets educated on this…!! Also one generation gets educated on AT… Wont it pass on from generation to generation?!  There lies the strategy of Orienting Teachers on Appropriate Technologies and make them involve along with the students on its sustainability.

6On this perspective, five teachers of Sengadu High school and  seven teachers of Valasaivettikadu middle school in Thiruvallur district, Tamil nadu  were oriented on the Appropriate Technologies on 12th and 13th August 2015. They will be continuously involved in the project to guide the students learn and use the technology sustainability.

Let us spread the Appropriate Technology Generation to Generation through Teachers and make the sustainable use of it for the benefit of humans…!!

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