My experience in hosting international volunteers

My experience in hosting international volunteers

My name is Praveenkumar and my wife name is Veena and we are blessed with a cute and well behaved son name Om, who is 5 years old studying in upper kindergarten. I work as a manager at Water Literacy Foundation, Bangalore. We are into water conservation and offer services across rural, urban and industrial India.

Volunteer-India-Host family Volunteer-India-Host family

Volunteer-India-Host familyI’m proud to be a host family with FSL India. I knew FSL India since 2011 through Mr. Stephen (Ex-Staff). I started my relationship with FSL as a contact person for international volunteers at Water Literacy Foundation. Over the span of 5 years I had an opportunity and experience of working with international youths as volunteers to our organization. So far we’ve received 13 volunteers, 7 of them were from Germany and they’ve done their invaluable service to our organization and we sincerely appreciate all of them.

In the year 2014 October, I got an opportunity to become a host family to FSL. My first experience of hosting two German girls name “Joanna and Marie for 4 months”. It was a really an amazing experience to get to know their culture and share our culture. The volunteers Paul, Tycho, Jakob and Johan are kind nature, simplicity and good manners encouraged and  gave us the hope to go ahead to host them. I’m confident about leaving a remarkable experience as we firmly believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “The guest is equivalent to God”.

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