India and UK group camp

India and UK group camp

FSL-India and Concordia UK organised a group camp in rural Bangalore called Venkatagiri kottai in the month of August. We had 12 female teen volunteers and 5 mentors and along with our 1 team leader.

During wall paintingactivities with children

Camp focused on agricultural activities like interaction with local farmers, farming activities in the village, visit pottery to make pots, silk worm farm to know about seri-culture,  wall painting, educational drawing and teaching activities with kids.

at president house activities with children 2

Volunteers also had a chance to get know on Indian culture and traditional aspects by visiting historical monuments, Indian family visit and interacting with community people in the village. Volunteers also visited to many Hindu temples to know about the Hindu religion and the practices.

Activities in the village Druring drawing

The volunteers really enjoyed their 2 weeks stay in India!!

at sri Ranga pattanaFamily visit


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