Innovating more and more adds flavor to the Innovative Appropriate Technologies… Yes, the greatest example could be the Appropriate technology ‘”Fly Trap”


It is one of the appropriate technology developed by the Korean students and demonstrated during one of the HYSCO camp happened in the village Sengadu of Thiruvallur district (HYSCO camp is the CSR initiative to develop and demonstrate appropriate technologies developed through locally available resources).

fly 3The innovative thought is put to improvise the original technology by replacing the ingredient with the dry yeast to attract more flies. And we can proudly say that it worked out in trapping the flies and also got good appreciation.

 On 25thAug, 2015 this technology was demonstrated in the community program at Sengadu village.

There was a positive impact about the technology… it caught all the flies in the surroundings… the participants were amazed about the technology and it was demonstrated in the 2 individuals houses..

Raw materialProcedures to make
1.    Waste water bottle (1 liter)

2.    Water (200 ml)

3.    Sugar (50 gm)

4.    Dry yeast (2 Table spoon)

5.    Rubber band (2 nos)

1.    Boil the sugar added water (till it gets golden brown)

2.    Cut the water bottle in to two pieces.

3.    Insert the neck portion upside down into the remaining part of the water bottle in such a way it goes inside of it.

4.    Make two holes in edge of bottle and tie the rubber band to hang it..

5.    Pour the boiled water (Normal heat) in to the bottle

6.    Add two spoon of Dry yeast (Don’t mix it)

7.    Hang it in the place where the fly comes…

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