Exposure visit- SAP-K

Exposure visit- SAP-K

Last Saturday September 12th HBP team visited different places in Moorabidri and surroundings in
order to get new ideas to improve our plans for training center and SAP-K. These places are
Sammilan Shetty Butterfly Park, Soans farm, Alva’s Ayurveda Medical Pharmacy and
Shobhavana Garden and a nursery.

alva soansfarm

In Sammilan Shetty Butterfly Park, Mr. Sammilan taught us which type of plant attracts and can
host different types of butterflies, how we can protect butterflies and how to create a positive
environment for them. We witnessed many butterflies and we managed to take photos to many of

In Soans farm Dr. L.C. Soans explained how this farm became the place it is nowadays and the
crops they grow there, he explained about their pineapple cultivation and the products they get out
of it and we had a very nice talk about sustainable agriculture and the problems farmers are facing
these days. We also had a walk to study how the land is distributed for different cultivations.
In Alva’s Ayurveda Medical Pharmacy we were explained the process that herbs and plants have to
go through to become ayurvedic medicines while we had a tour all over the place. We also visited
Shobhavana Garden from where we got ideas of plants which we can grow in our training centre.
In the nursery we purchased the plants we did not manage to get from the places we had visited
before, not only flower plants but also medicinal ones.

Marta, SAP-K intern: “this exposure visits have provided me with lots of ideas to implement in the
training centre. I would never have the chance to visit places like these in my country. The butterfly
park was gorgeous, the discussion with Dr. L.C. Soan was really supportive as we, as farmers, are
facing the same challenges and the visit to Alva’s Ayurveda Pharmacy and Shobavana Garden was
really interesting”

Jan, SAP-K volunteer: “I was very happy to have the experience to see such a beautiful butterfly
garden and I learned a lot about butterflies and the plants they like. The owner of Soans farm
taught us a lot about fruit-plantation and we bought many plants. Furthermore we got the best
pineapple juice I have ever drank. When we arrived in the Alva’s Factory on one hand I was very
tired and didn’t feel comfortable on the other hand they expanded my horizon. I enjoyed the trip.”

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