Orientation- Kundapur, July

Orientation- Kundapur, July

In the month of July, FSL India hosted 03 Long Term Volunteers from two different countries (Italy & Spain).  Every evening we have organised different events for the exchange of Intercultural learning. First day was  traditional Indian welcome , all the volunteers had chance to have Henna, Meanwhile volunteers had the opportunity to test their skills by working in a project for the half day during the week. Volunteers were also predicated in paddy cultivation in form. They had chance to visit Hindu temple called Kundeshwra.


Sessions conducted:  Kannada language class, Introduction  about FSL India, Safety, Practical sessions, Indian  Pedagogy,   Travelling in India, Country presentation, Project  introduction and reporting, Activities in project, Indian life style,  Hindu philosophy, voluntarism and roles & responsibilities,  Horses mouth, setting up aims, conflict management, and  different indicators of culture and Peace.


Volunteer’s feedback on Orientation week:

We only two persons but it was good because we understanding well.

Surly it will help me because I’ve learnt many things about how I have to be have and also how understand the behaviours of the people who are around me.

Yes, because they give me the basic information that I need to have a good experience in India without problem.

Yes, because it’s a way to know more things about India and it’s culture.

Besides, it’s important to know what is expected of you and how has to be your

Nothing, it was good

A little proactive experience about the project would be useful. Like for example someone who has to go to teach in a school would go to assist a lesion and a volunteer who will work in a project selected to agriculture would participate in the work here in the centre perhaps with a different group (As I have done: I enjoyed working with the Spanish group also because I had understand about my project about.)

Make sure that a volunteer won’t be alone during the orientation week and during the journey to the canter.

The sessions that I have attended are all fundamental

India and Indian lifestyle.

Project introduction – this could be interesting before coming.

Indian pedagogy – to prepare material or ideas in your own country.

Knowing India.


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