My One Day At Batradi organic farm- Jorge

My One Day At Batradi organic farm- Jorge

On 5th June, I visited to one of the farmer agricultura land to get exposure on organic farming along with HBP volunteers, HBP staff and work camp staff, from FSL.

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This is not a common type of farm to be found in the vicinity, in fact there are only two such farms in the area of Kundapura. Mr. Padmanabha Adiga, the farmer who has been running this farm since the early 80’s, explained to us all the things they grow there, he even keeps honey bees, and how they make the most of the natural resources that the land and the animals produce, to run the farm in the most ecological and environmentally friendly manner.


Mr. Padmanabha had been working his land for a decade when he actually decided to go green in 1992 and became the first organic farmer in the area. As he told us, the initial investment was big and he knew he was taking a big risk, but now, more than twenty years later, he is delighted to have taken such decision as he has become self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on chemicals or big corporations to get the most of his land. Therefore, his fruits and vegetables are free from any toxic materials and also taste better than any other food available in the area.

1506-Batradi-organic-farm-152   His family can vouch for that, as can I, because due to the large amounts  of  crops they gather every season Padmanabha shares most of the    surplus    with his relatives. His own family doesn’t even need to buy any  food  in the  market or anywhere else as all they need is right at their  fingertips in their  own back garden, so to speak.

It was great to see that this kind of agricultural techniques and practices can still be found today in the world, although one would have thought this was the common trend in rural India and not just an exception. FSL is planning and working to implement a long term project in order to become yet another organic farm which could be self sufficient and produce enough food for its members and the community with the help of international volunteers who could come and work the land or pick the crops, depending of the season they visit this beautiful part of the West coast of Karnataka.


(Organic farm visit experience from Mr. Jorge( Media PR volunteer of HBP ).

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