LTV-Orientation- June, Bangalore

LTV-Orientation- June, Bangalore

In the month of June, FSL India hosted 05 Long Term Volunteers from 2 different countries (France, Ireland).  Every evening FSL had organised different events for the exchange of Intercultural learning.


First day was traditional Indian welcome, then all the volunteers had chance to have Henna. 3rd day of orientation  the volunteers had the opportunity to test their skills by working in a project for the half day during the week. Volunteers were also presented the facts and figures of their counties to the school children during “Country Presentation” session.

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As a part of intercultural learning volunteers had a chance to explore our Indian classical dance “Barathnatyam” and they also cooked there country food to our staff.


Volunteer’s feedback on Orientation week:

  • Very good atmosphere easy integration. Everybody was friendly and protected.
  • Very good orientation
  • Yes, absolutely. It was very informative
  • Everything to do with educating us around Indian cultures/social aspects travel + safety, volunteerism, practical information, Language class. Over all I am very impressed with FSL. There was been a lot of hard work put into it obviously + really appreciate this. I hope to see you all again in the future.
  • It was great, we make a great team! And we have awesome coordinators
  • Yes, because we were well informed and prepared. The sessions complete, and it was in a very good atmosphere, we learned cultural things we didn’t know and we remembered things we learned, so we are well prepared for the stay.
  • The game and all the sessions seriously, it was complete and important, so all the sessions should be kept.
  • Volunteers and staffs were amazing.
  • A lot of fun and share.



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