GTG- Kundapur – June

GTG- Kundapur – June

The Kundapur Region monthly Get Together for the month of June was held on Thursday and Friday, 11th and 12th at FSL Training Center. Six volunteers and three staff participated in this event. Thursday morning all the participant went to Kollur in FSL’s jeep.

1506-fsl-gtg-june-6 (2)1506-fsl-gtg-june-37 (2)

1506-fsl-gtg-june-38 (2)  It was a rainy day yet all the members of the group could enjoy a great  day out. First  they  visited the Sri Mokambika Temple. There, some other  FSL staff members and  interns  joined the group and went for a walk in  the town before having lunch at  threading  ceremony function. They told  the volunteers about the meaning of this  ceremony and then  invited the whole party to have lunch.  After the lunch the  volunteers paid a visit to Indira,  the temple elephant, to get, some of them, her  blessings. The last activity in Kollur before  heading back to FSL grounds was a short  but worthwhile visit to Dharma Peetha, is a  meditation temple in the outskirts of  town, where everyone got the chance to sit and relax  for a few minutes inside that  wonderful yet simple temple. Finally, the group of volunteers  and FSL staff went  back to the centre

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