World Environment day at Green Valley School

World Environment day at Green Valley School

June 5th was World Environment day and it was celebrated all over the world, like it has been done for more than forty years now, with many different activities, talks and projects by many experts and people concerned about the environment alike. Staff from FSL went this year to Green Valley School in Shiroor to give a talk to some of the students on environment and what they can do to improve the earth’s condition and help save our planet.

1506-environment-day-521506-environment-day-11 1506-environment-day-10

 1506-environment-day-143  A group of children sang and played a short presentation about the environment at the       beginning of the event, which was quite interesting. Once the school principal welcomed    and greeted FSL staff,the students and teachers it was Marta’s turn to give the talk. After  today’s presentation, where there were, among other things, references to climate    change, the water cycle, ways of reusing materials, tips of small changes that anyone can  make in their own live and some slides with contrasting images of what some places are  like and how they could, or even should, be, these children are now more aware of the  risks that some actions can have over the environment but also, more importantly, how  they can help and make a real change in their lives for the better and also explain those  around them what new ways and measures can be taken to help prevent any more  damage to our planet.


After the very informative presentation the whole party went outside, to the grounds of the school, where members of FSL as well as the principal and chief coordinator, planted small trees as a symbol of their commitment with the environmental movement that is trying every single day to help to improve the condition of our planet. Let’s hope that today many seeds were planted, both literally and metaphorically, so these new plants and trees can grow and develop in a better, and healthier world, and these young minds can gain more knowledge and information to help keep Mother Earth as good as possible so we can all live in peace and harmony with nature.

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