Testimonials of the Contact Person Mrs. Priya Deeksha

Testimonials of the Contact Person Mrs. Priya Deeksha

A background of the project/local partner:

The school established in 1960, the school provides education to children from primary to high school level, between standards 1 to 10, the approximate age group of the children ranging from 6 years to 16 years. The medium of instruction is Kannada, the regional language of Srirampur, located in Mysore District of the State of Karnataka, where the school is situated. The government provides scholarship to schedule caste and schedule tribe students at the school; free books, uniforms and mid-day meals (school lunch) are also provided to all the children. Until now the project has gave opportunity for 5 international volunteers to do volunteer service.


                                                                            “My experience with FSL India volunteers”

The partnership with FSL- India is remarkable. I have to take you back to the down lane of memories-2011. Where our  school Government higher primary school Srirampura Mysore taluk Karnataka state India incidentally and fortunately had been chosen as a part of Field Service programme of  FSL- India.

Miss Anupama the coordinator of FSL- India approached our Headmistress Mrs J.L. Kamalambha and explained about the project. She accepted the new challenge and accommodated the Volunteers of FSL. This attempt made our school children more benefitted in various manner.

The staffs of the school were given an orientation course regarding the project and interrelationship to be maintained with the volunteers.  The first volunteer Mrs Dr. Annette  Godefroid who was  teacher by profession. Insist and emphases  on time management   which was more meaningful for our children we were very much  impressed by her different approaches of teaching and innovative activities such as language games, introductory activities which made children more active and impressed and was wanting to talk to Annette madam as we lovingly called her and respected her.  She was also a guide and a philosopher and always wanted to teach the children without stick, or cane which was a contrast to our mindset. Now it inspires us to adopt such activity based learning. She was also one among the staff where we remember Annette madam lovingly served German dish to all the staff.  we had new ideas to learn and a new intra cultural exposure by which in turn helping  us to become more professional. We wish she would have stayed at our school always. She even purchased stationery material which will be helpful for developing writings skill.

After Annette Madam left our school, another young volunteer from Germany by name Lorena 18 years of age was accommodated, a silent girl by nature yet passionate to teach. She was immensely impressed by the dressing of India always used to wear acceories like anklet and we as a staff surprised.

Lorena mainly used to teach the small children is I and 2nd class with the basic alphabets, colors’, Shapes, fruits with the flash cards and her approached were also activity based-During the stayed at our school she ate the food which was prepared at midday meals, Such was her simplicity and we often used to discuss about the different approaches of teaching and also talk about customs and traditions of Germany. Her stay at our school was ones again 3 months. As the volunteers kept on coming and going one of the most important things as we all staff noticed was our children had started picking some of the basic language skills English words- just to be friendly and seek the attention of the volunteer which was great stepping stone of success.

Lorena was followed by Lisa anther volunteer from Germany who was 20years of age she was very adaptable by nature and handling some of the spoken English skills for the class 5th and 6th where self-introduction, time reading, position of the object, map reading ete.  were taught. And during her stay we had teacher’s day celebration I remember Lisa participating actively and involving with children. After along gap F.S.L. India coordinator Mr. Gajendra accommodated with one more short term volunteer by name Sophie who was along with us for a very short period of time. She inspired our student with her simplicity and children used to talk with her children started to communicate their ideas in English. During her stay she taught about her country Germany explained the physical features of Germany and the specialty of the country and she helped the student in phonetic aspect.

After Sophie a boy by name Mathia from Italy was at our school to carry out the project this guy was tremendously hyperactive and always created a positive vibe with the kids.  He always inspired the students and by play way method taught the kids.  All the teachers adored him for his involvement in all school activities. Unfortunately his stay at our school was only for a week, but we all noticed all children had picked up the clap game, which all the children enjoyed.  As Mathia lift us we were tremendously impressed by his hyper activity involvement with children and our demand for a long term volunteer came as a dream came true through, Jasper an 18 year old volunteer from Germany. He is one among the staff now always discussing about the learning outcome.  He plays with children , makes the children read, helps reading with fluency, practices to read with proper phonetic expression. In class 8th and 7th he practices reading and makes sure that child learn to read fluently and correctly. Jasper is also learning Kannada which is really inspiring.

Thought initial weeks he felt varied differences in our approach and to theirs. He discusses some of the technique followed by their teachers. He also assits in conducting pre-learning activities of the syllabus.  He incorporates the activity based and he takes trouble in making cross word puzzles for the children by his own. Every class he makes sure of introducing a new word and its usage at class . He also gets along with students and helps them for science project what we assign. Jasper always attracted towards kabbabi match. It was a blessing and also a great companion for Jasper we got Lorenza 24 year old volunteer from Switzerland who stayed on project at our school only for one month. Lorenza and Jasper used to take the class of 5th and 6th group the class into two ,lot of language game was conducted and some of the short stories were also given to the students to inculcate the habit of reading . New activity was conducted by both them in each class, lot of effort were taken by both of them regarding improve reading. Children love talking to the volunteers and always enjoy their company. Thought Lorenza stayed along with us for a short period of time {one month } her contribution to our school is marvelous. she always wanted help our school. She contributed to some amount and helped us in installing the Agua guard facility to ensure safe drinking water for children which inspires us always and reminds her always she also contributed to buy some of the language games which we use it in our class room teaching learning activity exclusively important for evaluation and class room activity.

Our school is really expresses a deep sense of gratitude to F.S.L India for providing such a inspirable volunteer who have created an impression which are memorable and everlasting thus creating footprints as a major milestones in the history of our school. Their simple experiences, a deed of kindness, act of simplicity, generosity, humbleness, amalgamating with our customs and tradition, their cooperation to bring out the best learning outcome thus spreading the essence of universal brotherhood means a lot for us.. all I can say volunteers are the pride of our institution/school. Just one thing I want to say for all volunteers to visit India once again and AGAIN.


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