Kundapur Work camp in SAP-K project- April

Kundapur Work camp in SAP-K project- April

The Kundapur workcamp held from 13th to 22nd April at Kundapur training center on sustainable agriculture theme. 1 volunteer from Belgium was participated. The volunteer involved in the activities along with the help of our HBP team like trenching, mulching, preparing plan for future agriculture related activities, filling nursery bags, visits to farmer’s agriculture land etc.


The volunteer engaged in trenching work for 3 days in training center where she prepared a model trench using A frame which helps to percolate rain water in ground during rainy season and also soil will be useful to plant the plants in rainy season. This model was very useful and in future other volunteers also can follow same thing. Volunteer visited farmers home and interacted with them to know about organic farming methods and local agriculture methods. Volunteer also helped farmer to fill nursery bags, weeding work in farmers land. Farmers felt very happy with the work of volunteers and her interest towards agriculture. Volunteer also prepared list of 7 layers trees which will help to keep moisture in land and also help to increase fertility of the soil. Volunteer visited Rabbit farm, Poultry and Cashew factory to get information also interacted with workers.

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This was the good experience to her in SAP-K project and her inputs also useful to implement activities in future. helped work camp volunteer.

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