GTG- Kundapur, May

GTG- Kundapur, May

The Kundapur Region’s monthly Get Together for the month of was organized at Kinara restaurant at Kodi beach. Two volunteers and three staff participated in this one day event.


The Kodi Beach is located in the proximity of Kundapur Town. In the Kannada language, Kodi means ‘shore’. The beach is surrounded by water on three sides. Swimming is a popular activity of the Kodi Beach. Kodi for Kundapur is like what Juhu is for Mumbai, Marina is for Chennai. There is a stretch of around five to six kilometres of what is called pure beach. Azure sky, no pollution, no kit pit of vendors, only pure breeze and amazing peace of mind. One can have the majestic view of the sun setting with the clouds turning red. One can sit for hours together on the beach and never get bored.

Participants had lunch in Kinara restaurant and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea with high waves because of the monsoon. After lunch coordinators had 1-1 talk with their respective volunteers. After the talk, group visited the light house situated in north of Kodi beach which is a popular view point in Kundapur.

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