EXCEPTIONAL General Assembly ,28 February, 2015

EXCEPTIONAL General Assembly ,28 February, 2015

With the overwhelming response to the lalbagh project, the steering committee of the YDP thought it necessary to discuss the possible amendments to our working constitution. The experience of 8 months brought to light certain loopholes in the existing constitution that needed immediate attention. The Exceptional General Assembly was different in the way that non members who were interested in becoming members were allowed to vote on matters that would one day concern them too. But the newcomers wondered, why this constitution at all?

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Like any transparent body, we believe that to define a working principle was absolutely necessary. With a guideline to follow, we can expect decorum to be maintained at all times and in times of dispute, we can refer back to that guideline. One may raise questions on our incentives and our accountability; the YDP must be prepared.

The tedious yet necessary work of writing the constitution was completed before our first general assembly that was held in July 2014. The elected steering committee included Aravind, the president, Akash, the secretary and Amit, the committee member. They, along with Julien Soyer, the vice-president were the strength that put together the activities in the following 8 months.


The Exceptional GA was called to make amendments to the existing constitution, to add new members to the steering committee and to enrol new members of the YDP. What had been a group of 10 voting members at the first ever General Assembly was now a large group of 26. We had more manpower and as a group were now more diversely opinionated. This invited longer, deeper debates into issues, debates one could not have anticipated would last that long! Having so much to discuss in the stipulated amount of time, we were forced to extend to another session. However some crucial developments were made on the 28th of February, 2015 itself.


The existing steering committee took a step down to present the opportunity of being more actively involved with the YDP, to the newer, active members. This overwhelmed us for our mentors, our guides were willing to trust us with this massive responsibility!

What came as a pleasant surprise was the response from the members to take up these positions. The steering committee that had 3 members now has 8. 3 new positions were introduced.The Bureau-President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will now be joined by the Fundraiser, Public Relations Head, Operations Head and an extra member of the steering committee.


The elected members are as follows:

President-             Anup Sathya

Vice-President-        Rahul Raghav

Secretary-             Anand Vasudevan

Treasurer-            Ganeshsiva Subramaniam

Fundraiser-             Vinod Iyer

Public Relations Head-     Nalini Mittal

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