The Weltwaerts Adventures of Sony in Germany

The Weltwaerts Adventures of Sony in Germany

The WeltWaerts programme was initiated in 2008 by the BMZ, the German ministry of development, to facilitate the access to Development and International Cooperation jobs to German youth through a first field experience in NGOs. It is fundamentally a budget line of the ministry that cover all the expenses of these volunteers to participate to Development projects in “South Countries”. FSL India has received about 500 German volunteers in its projects in India since then. Since 2014, this programmes has become bilateral, meaning that volunteers from “south countries” can receive a full financial support to participate to local development projects in Germany. Being highly involved in this programme as a hosting organisation, FSL India have been selected by one of our German partner, IJGD, as the first Indian organisation to participate to this new “South-North” Weltwaerts. We have selected the best possible volunteer for this delicate mission. Her name is Singh, Sony Singh.


After a 3 month long preparation, she finally left at the beginningof September to join the group of international volunteers participating to this project. They come from the entire planet: Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ghana, Togo and Indonesia. Their global project is to assist local teachers and to contribute to the inter-cultural learning of the children from several schools in Berlin.Sony will give us regular news from her project and of her life as an Indian Long Term Volunteer in Berlin. Here is her first message to us, covering the first month of her project:

Hope you are doing great. I am doing very good in Berlin.

I completed my one month today.This one month passed so fast that it seems like it’s been only few days since I have been.My experience has been really great so far. Everyday I am learning something new, be it a map reading or a new 10612629_767061073355480_6865349642961584455_nGerman word ..German Culture. My first impression about Berlin is “it’s very International “. You can find people from all over the World here from  Togo to Srilanka. I found people extremely very helpful in Berlin,(maybe they were strangers too once upon a time here ) so they are really really helping in nature .. Everytime I am lost here (as it’s very easy to be lost in Berlin as its really huge ), I have been helped by a stranger in every means sometimes with the luggage as well…





I was picked up at airport by a ex long term volunteer who had been in India for a year in Kundapur. She also dropped me to my workplace on first day. 10723370_771186866276234_957125615_nShe is been very kind and friendly. I had a orientation for whole first week .. Orientation was the best time I had .Interacting with other volunteers from different Nationalities and exploring Berlin for the very first time. I feel Berlin is a place of History .. Every turn you take you are confronted with history here. IJGD staff is very cordial and co-operative … Lourens (the programme coordinator) also accompanied us for a day Trip just to spend time with us Marlene has been doing a great deal of things for us. My project is in Primary  School …I find the School staff to be friendly … Children are amazing and i am in so Love with them.. Its just been my 3 Weeks in School …hoping to do lot more in Future …Currently i don’t get to go to classes But i  still get to spend large chunk of time with them …I have been given a very good flat which  I Share with a German Girl …So far so best ….

Lots of Love



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