Skills Acquisition Workshops

Skills Acquisition Workshops

         The Youth Development Programme of FSL-India will be hosting monthly Skills Acquisition Workshops which will cover a wide range of topics. The objectives of these workshops will be to give participants an introduction or their first look into different ideas, concepts, skills or knowledges. We believe that significant learning can take place effectively outside the academic realm also, and that learning through experience and exploring your personal interests will lead to sustainable and long-term self-development. The workshops may take the form of training, discussions, presentations, talks, 1 day projects, demonstrations etc. through experiential learning methods. Participants will be expected to pay a small fee to cover the costs of each workshop they attend.

       The aim of these workshops is not to make participants experts on the topic, but rather to give them a chance to experience or learn something new (albeit beginner level) for a few hours. By having a monthly workshop on a wide range of topics, participants will be exposed to different things on a constant basis; broadening their perspectives, opening them up to new ideas, gaining new skills and aiding in holistic self-development.

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