“India is different”

“India is different”

Everybody says that India is different, but only when you come to India you realize it is true. It starts with the traffic, the never-ending chaos of all the cars, people and cows. It goes on with the food, always more spicy or sweet, it offers you a variety that you won’t get in any other countries.

All the good and bad things you heard about Indian people passes by – One day they overwhelm you with their caring heart and the next they annoy you with the same never-ending questions. And finally it is all about your luck with the family and the project. I was one of the lucky ones, with a wonderful host family and a great project.

India was giving me the chance to see the simplicity of life, to learn patience and to enjoy the abundance of our world. India touched my heart through its children and cared for me through a wonderful host mother, who was worrying about me like I was her daughter.

I had a great time in India with the people (from India and Europe) and God.


FSL-India Long Term Volunteer

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