Experiences Speaks in Water Literacy Foundation

Experiences Speaks in Water Literacy Foundation

I’m Angela, a 22 year old German, working for the Water Literacy Foundation (WLF), founded in 2005 by Ayyappa Masagi, located in Bangalore City, capital of Karnataka State.

The whole concept of the Water Literacy Foundation is to create awareness about water conservation practice and to show solutions like Rainwater Harvesting Systems, and to implement them, wherever it’s possible. Their overarching goal is to turn India in a water-efficient nation, by balancing the amount of water used and the amount of water, mainly rainwater which replenishes the ground. 

I arrived in August, 2012 and I will stay for 11 months in this project. Working with Mr. Ayyappa Masagi, means also living with him. He offers all the Volunteers, and he had a lot over the past years, to live in his house. WLFs office is in the ground floor, so my way to work is very short, a big advantage in the rush of Bangalore’s traffic.

After almost one month of observation, field visiting, as well as meetings, I got to know the idea of Mr. Masagi’s life and work philosophy and could start my own little work projects. My main tasks are to write papers, proposals and to fill fund and award applications in English. One of my papers was already published at the World Aqua Congress in Delhi, one month back – A fact I’m very proud of. Further tasks are to update the homepage, to edit videos and to create presentations. At the same time I still accompany WLFs staff to project surveys, meetings, presentations and functions. My plan for the second half of my stay is to conduct awareness campaigns in schools.

The big upcoming project will be the implementation of a Stream Water Harvesting System in Jantli Shirur, Gadag District, in North Karnataka. It’s an underground dam system, installed in a non-perennial stream. During rainy season the stream bed is filled with water, but due to the dried up soil, it can’t percolate into the ground, to replenish the soil and ground with water. Therefore the system builds an obstacle, so that the water cannot pass. Due to simple physics, namely water pressure and gravity, the water is forced to percolate in the nearby soil. Up to 8000 people in 3 villages will profit by this system.

Another work task I have is to raise funds, for this Stream Water Harvesting Project. So if you are interested to support a sustainable water conservation project for rural Indians, suffering from water scarcity, please feel free to contact me. For further information about the project and the work WLF is doing in general, please visit our Homepage: waterliteracyfoundation.perso.rezel.net


FSL-India Volunteer from Germany

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