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Work Camp Updates (January 2012)

Work Camp Updates (January 2012)

With an objective to promote social, cultural, educational and environmental actions, FSL India organises Work Camps all across India throughout year. Many international and local volunteers participate in the Work Camps. By participating in the community services through work camps the volunteers learn local culture and values.

In the months of January and February, eight Work Camps were organised at various locations. Altogether 124 International Volunteers (84 in January and 40 February) participated in the Work Camps. Volunteers those who participated in the Work Camps are from Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA. Following are the details of the Work Camps:

Social/Kids(Pondicherry-  16th to 29th January 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers worked for an orphanage, participated in preparing banana garden, did the fencing with spike and barbed wire, cleaned the surroundings, painted desks, benches, compound wall, drew pictures  of vegetables, fruits, letters and nature scenery.

Intercultural Learning:Volunteers organised training on first aid for college students, donated Rs. 18,000/- (by Mr. Karel from Holland), visited beach, temple with children, participated in Indian Family Feast and Pongal Celebration, participated in Henna session organised by local volunteer, participated in Republic Day Celebration, learnt Rangoli, Indian dance, participated in country presentation, interacted with local families and attended session on cooking.

Social/Rural – (Jodhpur – 16th to 29th January 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers participated in cleaning the school premises and the garden, undertook painting of walls, blackboard, top wall and furniture, cleared garbage and disposed the waste, participated in play and taught English to school children.

Intercultural Learning:Volunteers iinteracted with the Principal of Rajasthan Collage, local youth and understood about the issues and challenges of local youth, participated in play, being hosted for Rajasthani Tradition Dinner with a local family, interacted and played with children and local youth and performed country-wise presentation.

Yoga / Ayurveda / Culture (Kerala – 9th to 29th January 2012)

 Camp Activities: Volunteers attended Yoga lesson every day. They also painted and cleaned garden at Special School and performed activities with kids and visually challenged children and worked on the playground.

Intercultural Learning:Volunteers visited Muthappan Temple, learnt about Indian cooking, participated in country presentation, visited snake park and Kalari Payat (Marshal Arts).

KNCU Bilateral Camp Bangalore (Hoskte – 10th to 17th January 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers build library selves, painted the walls, hall, kitchen and office room of Grace Child Development Centre, taught English, dance, games to children and donated books and education materials.

Intercultural Learning:The Korean volunteer prepared Korean food for the children, organised cultural dance program performed by both Indian children and Korean volunteers, visited the local market and participated in sight-seeing in and around Bangalore.


Working with Children

Working with Children