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International Beach Clean-up day Observed at Kundapur

International Beach Clean-up day Observed at Kundapur

11Environment degradation is one of the most development challenges today globally. Coastal area is one such vulnerable zone which gets environmentally degraded. In this backdrop, 19th September is set aside for beach clean-up day.

As environment promotion is one of the important development programs, FSL India took a part in “International beach clean-up day” at Marvante, Kundapur on 17th November 2011. FSL volunteers, staff and local people 2participated in this event. International beach clean-up was organised in collaboration with Trasi Nirmala Grama Samithi (Sanitation Committee. The local sanitation clubs formed by FSL India also participated and took the major role for beach clean-up. All FSL India volunteers under Home Based Project and staff and about 50 community people participated. The participants collected the garbage around the beach and safely disposed.

3It was bit hard but commendable work undertaken by FSL India volunteers and the staff. The volunteers participated very enthusiastically and set a good example of global concern for environment promotion. All the participants contributed their effort for environment conservation. Local people also appreciated the works of the volunteers and SFL India team.

FSL India Welcomes the New Volunteers – November Arrivals

FSL India Welcomes the New Volunteers – November Arrivals

1In November 2011, a total of 25 new volunteers from 9 different countries arrived for long-term voluntary service. As inter-cultural learning is the important aspect LTV program, FSL India organised a week-long orientation for the new volunteers. The orientation event was held at Hotel Sharon, Kundapur, from 7th to 13th November 2011. There was a special orientation for 5 Denmark and 2 French volunteers which was organised from 2nd to 4th November 2011. The orientation program was facilitated by the LTV program team of FSL India. Volunteers were picked-up from the meeting point and taken to Hotel Sharon, Kundapur. As the orientation program started, volunteers were welcomed by FSL India team with garlands of rose, and vermilion tilak marks on the forehead and Aarathi.

Different sessions were scheduled to give input on a range of topics. Sessions were conducted with both theoretical input and inter-cultural experience. Introduction to FSL India and its works, Indian Philosophy and life, roles and responsibilities of the volunteers, setting up aims and objectives and conflict management during the voluntary service in India were the major topics dealt with. Volunteers shared about their country and people. During the evening hour sessions were organised to introduce the volunteers on Indian culture. Volunteers also interacted with the local community so as have inter-cultural learning and experience. Teaching of Kannada and Tamil language, project introduction and visit to the social and development projects were organised during the orientation. Volunteers actively participated in the orientation program. On the last day of the orientation an excursion was organised. The following is the detailed profile of volunteers:

S. No. Country, Name, Project/Placed

01 Denmark, Kathrine Mory Kristiansen, Bless, Tamil Nadu

02 Denmark, Katrine Stokholm Høngaard, Narayana training centre, Tallur

03 Denmark, Maja Staffeldt Pedersen, Bless, Tamil Nadu

04 Denmark, Veronica Solund Kirsebom, Narayana training centre, Tallur

05 Denmark, Lars Fjord Garvey, Seon Ashram

06 France, Tony Sabastier, Reads, Tamil Nadu

07 France, Djeneba Dembale, Sinum, Tamil Nadu

08 France, Marine Mangenot, Seon Ashram

09 Netherlands, Louise Willemjin, Baptist

10 Germany, Anna Greshake, SWORD

11 UK, Sean Gilhooly, Milinda School, Kushalanagar

12 Finland, Mari Kähäri, Relief Foundation

13 France Esclancon Myriam Nisarga

14 Germany, Fabian Bethge, PLANT, Tamil Nadu

15 Germany, Maria Kelz, FSL India (Tent School)

16 Italy, Benedetta Ceccanti, IWDI

17 Italy Sara, Tafuro Govt. School, Bangalore

18 France, Cécile Prouchandy, Kalvikendra

19 Italy, Giulia Curiotto, FSL India-Tent school

20 Italy, Fabiana De Luca, FSL India-Tent school

21 France, Etienne Homer, FSL India

22 Netherlands, Sanne van Nistelrooij, READS

23 France, Antonin BORGNON, Water Literacy foundation

24 France, Arthur Sire, FSL India (EE)

25 Netherlands, Wouter Bot, Seon Ashram

Work Camps during September and October 2011

Work Camps during September and October 2011

Work Camps of FSL India are aimed at increasing social, cultural, educational and environmental actions in the rural and urban areas of India through international and national volunteers. These camps offer valuable opportunities for the volunteers to learn values of life from different parts of the world through cooperative operations and services. Altogether 8 Work Camps were conducted at various locations during September and October. A total of 58 International Volunteers participated in the Work Camps.

Dharamsala – Tibetan culture / Construction / Environment

05.09.2011 to 25.09.2011

Engaged in digging foundation of the toilet for the school, educational wall paintings, cleansed school kitchen, painted walls of the classroom, doors, windows, black boards of the schools. Interacted with the Tibetan Youth and monks, visited Tibetan Museum, Dalai Lama’s temple, Tibetan Library, Medicine Museum, waterfall, temples, Tibetan Children’s Village, Norbulingka Institute, Tibetan cooking class and attended McLeod Indian Gusthi (Martial Art) – part of a local festival.

Goa – Social / Happy Hearts / Kids

12.09.2011 to 25.09.2011

Volunteers painted two rooms, one hall, and one kitchen and balconies of Boy’s Orphanage Home. Taught Basic English, Maths, Action songs and simulation games to orphan children. During the evening hours helped the children in their home and interacted with them. Country-wise inter-cultural Performance.



Chennai – Social / Happy Hearts / Kids

03.10.2011 to 16.10.2011

Volunteers painted two rooms, one hall, and one kitchen and balconies of Boy’s Orphanage Home. Taught Basic English, Maths, Action songs and simulation games to orphan children. During the evening hours helped the children in their home and interacted with them.




Kundapur – Sea Turtle Conservation / Environment

10.10.2011 to 23.10.2011

Volunteers built 2 TIC near the Beach South & North of Kundapur (Maravanthe and Bejadi Beach). Volunteers conducted awareness program to save Sea Turtles to near the Beach side and in Malphe Harbour to fisher-folk community about conservation of Sea Turtles the Eggs. Renovated Community Center and Water Shed (cleaning & Painting). Henna class, Indian cooking class, Kannada class, Boat trip, visited Hindu temple, attended Hindu family marriage   and Indian family, and performed in country-wise presentation of cultural event and Kannda Nudi Theru.

Bangalore – Social / Kids

12.09.2011 to 25.09.2011

Educational pictorial wall paintings and taught English and interacted with children and community people.

Attended Health on Stage program hosted by FSL India, visited families and learnt Indian cooking and Kannada language.

Tent School – Valentina’s Voice

Tent School – Valentina’s Voice

My name is Valentina Macchione Vlacovich from Italy. I served as a volunteer in the Home Based Project of FSL India at Kundapur. I was assigned to work in the Tent School Project at Navayuga near Brahmavara, Udupi District. I this Tent School I worked during June and July 2011. I enjoyed working with children at the Tent School and children also liked me very much as I used to be very friendly with them and take care of them by engaging in varieties of teaching and learning activities. While working in Tent School I introduced compulsory shower program for children so as to ensure their health hygiene. It was wonderful working with the children. They are so active and agile that I never used to feel tired of working with them.

Having completed my volunteering work in July I returned to my country. But I felt nostalgic and every bit of moment that I spent with children and community people constantly whispered me to take one more chance to visit Kundapur and the Tent School where I had the opportunity to work with the children. Now I am back again in India to see my Tent School Project and the children who taught me that I have so much of responsibility to be part of such noble mission. Today I am so happy to come back and see the project and the children. Children of the Tent School too are extremely happy to see me.

LTV Get-Together – October

LTV Get-Together – October

LTV get together is a regular event facilitated by FSL India for the international volunteers. Once a month the international volunteers gather together to share their experience, success stories and learn from one another.

The two-day LTV get together was organised on 13th and 14the October at Turtle Bay Beach Resort, Kundapur.  Volunteers participated in the LTV GTG are the those who are associated with projects such as Sea Turtle conservation, Eco Tourism, Tent School, Teaching projects, Medical project, Environment education and rain water harvesting projects. All together 20 volunteers placed in Mysore, Bangalore, Udupi and Mangalore zones participated in the get together. The event was facilitated by four coordinators of FSL India.

One of the primary objectives of organising get together is to give an opportunity to international volunteers to share the experience and success stories with one another and in the process learn from one another. This also becomes an occasion to identify common issues and find out solutions collectively. The volunteers were given different shapes of pre-cut cards and were asked to write down their experiences and later asked to share with other members of the group.


The international volunteers also had one-to-one talk with the coordinators and discussed about the project work, host family, inter-cultural learning experience and travel details. Beach game was also organised for the volunteers. With lots of fun and frolic varieties of games were conducted.  Indeed it was also a moment to get and give feedback and make the assessment the progress and results achieved. The volunteers also made assessment of the living experience in the host families.

fsl-india x Dress Lands Petite Printed Dress

fsl-india x Dress Lands Petite Printed Dress

fsl-india x Dress Lands Petite Printed Dress – Multi-Colored Print/ Sleeveless

This fsl-india x petite printed dress is a summertime favorite for women that need a simply designed dress for everyday wear or to take along on holiday. It is constructed from a lightweight woven fabric with a content of 100% Polyester. This high quality, durable fabric is cool and comfortable and may be machine washed in warm water. The dress may also be machine dried on a low temperature setting with no fear of shrinkage, fading or stretching out of shape. It is wrinkle resistant and comes out of the wash looking great every time! This dress features a traditional scoop neckline and a lower vee shaped back cut out. It was created with a slim fit and was cut closely to the body. This is a mini length dress with a hemline reaching the upper thigh area. It has a concealed back zipper and is easy to slip into and out of. We are offering it for purchase in sizes Small, Medium and Large.