Contribution Through Fundraising

Contribution Through Fundraising

I have worked in a primary school at Kanchugodu from September 2010 till July 2011 for 11 months. Kanchugodu school is giving education to local children, specially economically weak background children.

The school has less than minimum number of teachers and lacking of computer education facilities.

So to get computer facility, I have organized a charity event at former High School in Germany. The amount of money collected was 1741 € or 110.000 Indian Rupees – enough money to make recognizable improvement, for a quite poorly equipped and funded government school.

 This donation money enabled the school to provide basic computer education to its students. These fundamental computer skills are crucial to qualify the students in a way that makes them fit for either higher education or to compete at the labor market. To ensure proper computer lessons, the school employed a qualified teacher for one year, who is also being paid from the donated money.

Besides this, the teachers have the benefit to be able to scan, print and copy documents at the school itself, for example to distribute worksheets in their classes. Thanks for donation money and to the school.



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2 Responses

  1. Dear Daniel – Congratulations on a job well done. As a volunteer you came across a few challenges in your project – lack of teachers, computer facilities. It is very encouraging to see that you took these challenges as opportunities for improvement – and that too through your own initiative. A very good example not only for other volunteers, but for our staff as well. Best wishes – Rohan

  2. That is wonderful 🙂 It gives me great pleasure to see that there are some volunteers who go the extra mile to bring in the change. What you did is a nobel act keep it up and all the best.