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Contribution Through Fundraising

Contribution Through Fundraising

I have worked in a primary school at Kanchugodu from September 2010 till July 2011 for 11 months. Kanchugodu school is giving education to local children, specially economically weak background children.

The school has less than minimum number of teachers and lacking of computer education facilities.

So to get computer facility, I have organized a charity event at former High School in Germany. The amount of money collected was 1741 € or 110.000 Indian Rupees – enough money to make recognizable improvement, for a quite poorly equipped and funded government school.

 This donation money enabled the school to provide basic computer education to its students. These fundamental computer skills are crucial to qualify the students in a way that makes them fit for either higher education or to compete at the labor market. To ensure proper computer lessons, the school employed a qualified teacher for one year, who is also being paid from the donated money.

Besides this, the teachers have the benefit to be able to scan, print and copy documents at the school itself, for example to distribute worksheets in their classes. Thanks for donation money and to the school.



July Arrivals

July Arrivals

FSL-India has welcomed 22 volunteers from 8 different countries in the first week of July. Highlighting facts about the Orientation Week are; Good mixture of different nationalities. Cultural event held at an orphanage where volunteers presented their country, children performed theatre, dance and sang songs. We involved local volunteers in all the activities as part of promoting voluntarism among local youth.

1ItalyLaura Lopes SieraMercede Orphanage, Mangalore
2USAElizebeth PearlTent School, Kundapur
3FranceSylvian BorilletiSea Turtle, Kundapur
4SpainPoulo Codony BausolsSeona Ashram, Belthangady
5ItalyFranca GuistiTent School, Kundapur
6FranceMaxime DanielSea Turtle, Kundapur
7SpainGarazi Gori MaritxaloseSeona Ashram, Belthangady
8SpainAne Olaizala GarciaSeona Ashram, Belthangady
9GermanyTycho SchidbachWater Literacy Foundation, Bangalore
10USAKimberley ThomasWater Literacy Foundation, Bangalore
11FranceTournier MaudMathrucchaya, Bangalore
12SpainGuillem Cabanach CalafModel Village School, Chennai
13SpainAida Ribes FontanstNisarga, HD Kote
14SpainIsabel Garcia De La SernaSWORD, Bagalkot
15FranceMartin VaillantEco Tourism, Kundapur
16AustriaMirjam PloeschTent School, Kundapur
17TurkeyPercin ImrekEnvironment Education, Kundapur
18FranceMarion CousinSWORD, Bagalkot
19SpainTania Carretero ErnestoLittle Flower School, Karkala
20SpainMarina Garcia GutierrezLittle Flower School, Karkala
21SwedenWeronica wolaninVagjyothi, Ampar
22USAJulian AzanDEEDS, Hunsur

FSL- Work Camps in June 2011

FSL- Work Camps in June 2011

In the month of June, FSL hosted 4 work camps in different parts of India. Three of the work camps were in South India: – Kundapur, Kannur and Mysore. One was in Dharamsala in North India. Twenty one volunteers from eleven different countries took part in these work camps.

In Kundapur, 3 volunteers worked for 2 weeks in the school. They also did gardening, painting, fixing mosquito nets and rubber sheets for the children in Ashram school and also interacted with children. They also visited local places of interest like a temple, a beach and interacted with the locals. The volunteers also learnt about each other’s culture and cooking.




Mysore was another place where FSL conducted a work camp to help a school. Three volunteers did educational drawings, worked on the school’s garden, playground, painted windows and had various activities with the school students. The volunteers also visited a nearby temple and interacted with the locals.





In Dharamsala, 8 volunteers worked for two weeks in the school and one week was trekking to the beautiful mountain ranges. The volunteers taught the children English and drawing, songs and dance etc. They did educational paintings, painted blackboard, windows and doors of the school.  On international cooking day, they cooked dishes of their country and shared them with each other.





In Kannur, 7 volunteers spent 3 weeks learning yoga, ayurveda, and volunteering in a school. Volunteers taught children English and played games with them. The volunteers had many cultural activities like visiting temples, learning about traditional martial arts, interacting with the locals, etc.





FSL- Work Camps in April 2011

FSL- Work Camps in April 2011

FSL hosted two work camps in April: Bangalore and Yercaud in the South of India.

In Bangalore, 11 volunteers from 4 different countries took part in the work camp. They taught the children games and English. Volunteers painted the walls, Black boards, windows and doors of the School building and also did some educational paintings and cleaned the playground.





In Yercaud, 9 volunteers did painting the walls, chairs and benches, worked on the school’s vegetable garden and had various activities with the school students. On international cooking day, they cooked dishes of their country and shared them with each other.







Final Impression

Final Impression

Looking back to your expectations and goals, would you like to comment on your overall experience here?

It has been a great experience and I have learned many things about another culture and my self.

Nanna Sand, Denmark, Seon Ashram, Belthangady

 My goals before came here was learning yoga and Indian culture, after finish the project I had learn yoga philosophy and practice, I had live and learn Indian culture, I had learn Ayurveda philosophy, medicine and procedures. And also I had make new friends and visit new places.

Than you can guess how I feel about all this experience…

Thank you FSL…

Thank you India!

Luís Costa, Portugal, Special learning-Ayurveda, Sullia _____________________________________________________________________________

This trip wasn’t what i expected, but i made the best of it and will never forget it.

Mads Retoft, Denmark, Orbit, Humnabad


I spend really excellent time In India. I am very happy do voluntary service with FSL. I very sad to leave project, hosting and Kundpura.

Shirley Elian, Israel, Manasa Jyothi, Japthi

There is neither good nor bad experience – there is just experience.

EZSOEL Michael, Austria, Tent School, Kundapura


Tips for future volunteers;

Be creative, be happy, be hungry, be keen to learn, be brave, be curious, be earnest, be awake, be clever, be weather-proof, be cool, be nice, be thirsty, be helpful, be tough, be yourself! – EZSOEL Mihael

Expressing Experience in India – Christine & Karoline

Expressing Experience in India – Christine & Karoline

Miss. Christine Dyrsting and Karoline Westen Noer, the two volunteers worked in “De Mecerde orphanage and Baptist projects”. Here the volunteers expressing their experience in India!

India has been a great deal of surprises, challenges, experiences and amazing experiences. The Indian people are like no other people in the world. They can be hard to communicate with, and even though both of you speak English, it’s sometimes still difficult to understand each other. And this is not only because of the accent, but also because of the way the Indian speaks. They shake their head, they don’t say “please” or “thank you”, and they think you understand when you really don’t! But still, they really want you to understand them, and they really want to communicate, even though they only speak Kannada, and maybe only know a few word in English. The Indians are very curious too. So when you walk down the street, eg. in a city like Gangavati, it is not possible to walk more the 100-200 meters without being asked: “hello, what’s your name? What country are you from? Hwy foreigner” or something like that. It can be quit irritating at times, when you just need a little time away from you host family, and just want to take a walk. But you have to think about, that they probably haven’t seen a “white” person before, so of cause they are curious. But it take some getting used to, and on a bad day it can be really irritating.

But still the Indian people are great, there are so much hospitality and they are so friendly and interested in you and your country.

The transportation in India is a chapter on its own. We were a bit surprised about how easy it is to get around, there are lot of buses, and also good train departures. But sometime it is like all of India has decided to take the same bus all at once, which makes the bus a little bit crowded. But of course, on longer trips, when you go with private bus companies, and you have your own seat, it is no problem.

It has been challenging from time to time to handle all the differences, especially at the project, where the physical punishment has been very difficult to observe. Here the handling of the children is much more physical, and it can be very hard to understand how you can raise a child like that.

But India is still an amazing country! The nature is incredible, the contrast between city and modern life and the more rural traditional life, the people and their hospitality, the weather with great thunder storms and burning sun, and just how different everything are, and at the same time, how similar it is to the life we live in Denmark.

India IS incredible!


BMZ Quarterly Evaluation – June 2011

BMZ Quarterly Evaluation – June 2011

The first Quarterly Evaluation for BMZ participants held in Turtle Bay Beach Resort on 20 to 22nd June 2011. 3 participants from IISE and Nittur Aided school has participated along with 3 FSL-India coordinators. It was a small group, but all of them actively participated. Here session were conducted on project and hosting evaluation, travel map, motivation now and for the future and evening activities like beach walk, games, etc. were held.