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Monsoon get together was held at Turtle bay beach resort on 16th and 17th June. It was well mixed international group with volunteers from Portugal, Italy, Israel, Austria, France, Denmark, Germany and with Indian staffs :) Along beach walk, games and 1-1 talk, a debate was held on various topics and lot of discussion too.

Sea Turtle Stranding

Sea Turtle Stranding

As the monsoon season started this month the sea is very rough now,causing wounded sea turtles that are foraging too close to the shore to strand. In the last week fishermen reported four stranded sea turtles, most of them Olive Ridleys out of them one is critically wounded. The sea turtle team went to the beaches several time to assess the condition of the animals. So we could release 2 of them immediately back to the ocean but 2 which are not in a position to swim are taken care by our contact person Daasi Karvi at Maravanthe.

Contribution to Ashrama School

Contribution to Ashrama School

Ashrama School has been a residential school for children from deprived background. Around 75 children from different villages of Karnataka State are living in this ‘Ashrama’. Since June 2010, the Ashram School has become only ‘Hostel’ and children are placed in nearby government school for education.

FSL-India is organising work-camps and placing Long term volunteers in this project since 2005. During this period many developmental work has been done here. Garden was made, school walls were painted, play ground renovated and moreover many Long term volunteers worked as a teacher, care-taker since last 6 years.

In 2009, Ms. Claudia Tognoli, an Italian long term volunteer worked here for 2 months in September to October. She was too attached with the children and school and after finishing project she raised fund through her friends in Italy. So on 15th of June 2011, FSL-India has organized a small event to distributed materials bought out of donation money. Books, pens, pencils, bath towel, rubber sheets(for children to sleep), removable net mesh fixed on windows against mosquitoes.

During the material distribution program, work-camp volunteers did country presentation. FSL-India staff, Rotarian members, school authorities were present. Snacks and tea given to children and the guests. All the participants, school Head Master appreciated Ms Claudia’s contribution and thanked FSL-India for all the support.

Below find the news paper article about donation material distribution program;


Here comes the monsoon….

Here comes the monsoon….

Kundapur region is getting good rain fall in the month of June bringing joy to the farmers. To encourage agriculture activities and welcome monsoon season, FSL India and local youth clubs jointly organized coconut leaf weaving competition for rural women farmers of Heragodu village. Nearly 40 women participated in this competition to show their skill in weaving palm fronds in a given time. All the participants were rewarded withthe hat made out of leaf from beetle nut tree, which is sponsored by FSL-India. Members of youth clubs, locals, women groups, staff and volunteers of FSL-India were present.



FSL-India is running tent school project for the children of migrating families in the selected villages of Kundapur taluk belonging to Udupi district. The first tent school has started in year 2006, in Kundapur.

The tent families migrates from different parts of India, in search of employment and better opportunities. Because of these regular migration children’s education and health get affected and some children’s are forced to go for work or begging by their parents.

So the FSL-India’s Ho me Based Project initiated to rehabilitate these children and started identifying migrant’s tents and running school to give basic education to those children. The objective of this project is to motivate the children to join the regular school. International volunteers and local teachers are involved in teaching these children through innovative skills. Self help groups are been forming to educate and empower the families on Health and Hygiene.

With all the efforts and hard work since 2006, the year of 2011 is been a success for this project. Number of tent school has been increased from 3 to 8 schools, number of local teachers are 3 in the place of 1 in the beginning, 14 children from five different tent schools joined the main/ regular school. Moreover, out of 14, two children joined deaf and dumb Special school, one boy joined High school, one girl joined Kindergarten and the rest 10 kids joined Primary school. The parents and teacher are happy about changes in the life of the children.

We reached this level of progress only through the effort of all the previous and present volunteers, teachers and the whole tent school.


June Arrivals

June Arrivals


FSL-India has welcomed 6 volunteers from 6 different countries in the first week of June.

Here are volunteers comments about the ‘thoughts and feelings about the orientation week so far in general’ – It’s a very good preparation to start the voluntary service. You get to know the staff, the volunteers and I felt very welcome. The week gave me a big motivation for the work also it was good to get to know something about the philosophy, Do’s and don’ts and some Kannada to feel prepared.

Comments about the ‘practical arrangements’ – Its nice get to know the issues in a more creative way, the food was very delicious and we liked the accommodation.

1FinlandVilna TyystjarviModel Village School, Chennai
2DenmarkCamilla Gummer Krog JensonKishkinda Trust
3USANithya RavindranFPA, Bangalore
4JapanOda YutaroSWORD, Jamakhandi
5GermanyKatja WischniewskiEE, Kundapur
6ItalyValentina Macchione VlacovichTent school, Kundapur








A letter from volunteer,
Thank you for all your help this week. You made orientation go without hitch. Ever when i was sick, I got the best treatment from the staff itself and it made me not worry.

Thank you again!
Nithya Ravindran

Final Impression

Final Impression

Looking back to your expectations and goals, would you like to comment on your overall experience here?

I would say that I had a nice time here and that I learned how to deal with challenges. I got a very close look at the Indian culture – its good and bad sides. I made a lot of Indian friends with whom I could exchange a lot. The school showed me that I’m very interested in working with children. I could also show that there is a glimpse of creativity in me.

Birgit Raab, Austria, SWORD, Jamakhandi.

This has been a very enriching experience, I am really glad I did it. I hope the kids will end up okay and will go to school eventually.

Chady YOUNAN, France, Tent School, Saibarakatte.

As I don’t stay very long, my goal was pretty basic, such as make the children be happy of the lessons so that new kids come and that they learn at least the basis

KAEMMERLEN CINDY, France, Tent School, Saibarakatte.

I really enjoy my experience in India and in the project. I think I have succeed to bring something good to the children who are in the tent school which was my first aim when I decided to come in India to do this kind of project. I have discovered a new culture thanks to my host family, fsl india and all the people I have met.

MICHEL Jules, France, Tent School, Kundapura.

I have really enjoyed my experience in India. First I wanted to meet a lot of people and that is what happened. Then I think I have improved my English level and it was one of my goals to do this international experience.
And of course I have worked with lots of children. I think I have learned to be more patient and creative. Because when you work with children you always have to find new things to interest them. I have tried to create new games and I think I have contributed to improve the level of some children in my schools.

I am happy that I have discovered a new culture and I have really appreciated to discuss with tent people and my host family. It was nice to share the differences and to explain how it works in my country.

I had not a lot of expectations before going here so I cannot really comment on this I just wanted to discover something new and totally different from my country and I haven’t been disappointed. I just thought that the gap between my culture and the Indian culture would be huge but in fact I haven’t been shocked and it was a very nice experience.
Marie VERON, French , Tent school, Kundapur.

I have had a really great time in India and enjoyed being here. It has really been one of the best times in my life. I have learned a lot about life, myself and Indian culture.

Mathias Holm Guldberg, Denmark, Tent School, Kundapur.

I have learned a lot in India. We have to take example as the Indians because they are still very natural, they have very important values and I really think that they stayed real and true while people in Europe are forgetting these simple things.
Launay Lenaig, France, Spandana Rehabilitation, Udupi