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Julian Müller – Little Flower School

Julian Müller – Little Flower School

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

As a part of the Little Flower Family I am very thankful to experience this country, its people, its language and its culture. I always saw India as my door to a “more different and multifaceted life” and it has become true. Working in the Little Flower School gives me an intensive experience with another culture, much more than by just being a backpacking tourist. It gives me the opportunity to live with all these wonderful people in the project and to learn from each other how to be useful and effective. From the first day on I was part of the Little Flower Family. The children teached me a lot of things in the beginning and took me by the hand, whenever I needed help. It is amazing how many skills the children have in being responsible for themselves but also for others. They are always looking after each other. This helped me a lot to adapt the new culture and it’s life style. 

Of course I had also a lot of struggle in the last seven month, but maybe especially this is what makes this year so intensive, what makes me feel alive. In other words: Sometimes it is a mess – but I love it!

One of the most valuable lessons that India taught me so far is to realize the difference between what I would like to change and what I am able to change…
– Julian

FSL – Rotaract joint meeting

FSL – Rotaract joint meeting

On 22nd September FSL India was invited by Rotaract Club Kundapur for the ‘Joint Meeting’. The meeting agenda was to create awareness among the people about saving India’s national animal ‘Tiger’, since it is in engendering situation.  FSL Kundapur Centre manager Aravind Thunga honored as the chief guest and inaugurated the promotional awareness sticker with the chief secretary of Rotaract Club Kundapur. The FSL coordinator Dayanand Salins, Long term and work-camp volunteers were participated in this program and presented information about the countries.

Successful completion of 5th Korean Happy Move Camp

Successful completion of 5th Korean Happy Move Camp

Successful completion of 5th Korean happy move camp – appreciation letter by Mr. MOHAN Panchayat President and Mr. SEKAR 3rd ward member of Kattarampakkam Panchayat, Sriperumpudur block – CHENNAI

Kattarampakkam Panchayat President Mr. MOHAN and Sugamtharumpedu 3rd ward member Mr. SEKAR, invited FSL India and gave us their letters of thanks and appreciation for 5th Korean happy move camps development activities’ successful completion; and willingness letter to provide 50% of community contribution and sufficient land to construct community hall at Sugamtharumpedu. Both letters have been given to FSL Staff Mr. B.ARUN., and gave their interview of 5th happy move camp and each development activities and its successful completion, of activity in their villages respectively Kattarampakkam, Sugamtharumpedu, Pudhuperu, which was done by Korean volunteers through HYUNDAI/IWO and FSL India.

My proud on – Rural Flush-out

My proud on – Rural Flush-out

A case study from Chennai facility about – My proud on – Rural Flush-out Leach Pit – Super Structure Toilet;

My name is N. Panchatchram-76, I have 6 sons, all are got married, out of them 4 are living with me as joined family.  My occupation was Blacksmith and no more I am working because of my old age.  My generation are not involved the business which I had that Blacksmith, because this area fully covered by companies(SIPCOT) with advanced technologies. So my children also changed their occupation like Carpenter and housekeeping work at the adjoined places and its availability.

Since born, I never seen toilet any more in this village and not utilized yet, few rich peoples having toilet, those who have constructed concrete building.  I have been using open defecation, where the screed thorn bushes availed in the village.  My family  members also followed  as I am, even we have 16 members, out of total members 7 school going children, in this 3 Male and 4 females(two are adolescent  girls);  we lived in this situation because of poverty, illiterate and unaware above health & Hygiene.

I have been seeing Korean volunteer services at last two years in my village and I heard that it from my grand children also, because they are studying in Irunkattukottai Panchayat Union Primary school., in this connection my family situation and poverty, the school teacher, FSL India staff and PRI leader suggested me to get this toilet facility by the construction of Korean volunteers while the 5th Happy move camp.

During the construction, myself and my children are contributed our physical work to digging the pits before the raising wall.  The volunteers also very much involved and furnished the toilet well for our utilization. The Toilet called – Rural Flush out Supper structure cum leach Pit…………..

They are constructed not only the toilet, which is included bath shed plat form, soak pit and provided one baring tree.

After the construction, small orientation was given about usage and maintenance of the toilet in proper manner, which was given by FSL Chennai staff.

In my 76 years old, I felt the imports of the toilet to elders like me, women and children, now everybody using this toilets, from which we can feel our comfort without social problems and children are construction their education better.

Hence I have given my appreciation and acknowledgement to FSL Indian for their stakeholders and volunteers fantastic work. One more thanks to everyone those who have taking part this toilet construction.

We are the Guard!!! Say Environmentalist

We are the Guard!!! Say Environmentalist

Case study from Chennai facility about Environment project;

I am Monisha, age 9 years, studying 5th standard in Irunkattukottai Panchayat Union Primary school, where we have very fan of Korean volunteers of each six month., we will awaiting the season they come., because we have opportunity to learn more about development activities and creative learning.

Each time different people they are coming for different activities our usefulness.  This time they gave 5 trees in the school compound again and 50 bearing/fruit trees for school children. Where we have split into group by the school teach and keep the entire shadow tree well. Korean volunteers are also taught about environment keeping, for that tree is taking more part to keep our circumstances and environment friendly with many reasons such as rain, get shadow, avoid the sand erosion….

I am the leader to lead the team which comprised with 5 members at school to maintain the entire trees without fail.  Daily we will come and divided the work that pouring water and removing weed outside and inside the guard, we will watch the tree how much level its grown in each days, that we will discuss in the class room and class teacher also. We are very much proved about these will tell our name to somebody will come to study the in future and I want to be a good environmentalist, which impacts will bring the other children to contribute the knowledge and physical skill to keep environment well through the  tree plantation.

Beautiful Cartoon with cute rhythm

Beautiful Cartoon with cute rhythm

A case study from Chennai facility;

My name is D. Revathi, 8 years old I am studying 3rd class in Sugamtharumpedu Panchayat Union Primary School., I have very good knowledge about Korean volunteers for the past two years, they are very fun and rhythmic kind approach to everyone in my school. They have did more work in my school in each six month from different volunteers such as painting, tree plantation, park construction, providing library, sanitary renovation, creative learning, etc..

From this camp (5th happy move camp) I like very much about drawing they did, what we expected after they reached here, its look very attractive, which includes cartoon picture with songs which is written in English. Whenever we go to school, myself and my friends recollect these songs contentiously, sometimes we have such a competition also, who does this songs fast without seeing…… just fun!! Before the class starts and after the end..

All the songs we can read well, as well as we will teach younger children too in our school, for that behalf of my school children we are very much thanks to FSL-IWO-HYUNDAI, who did the Cartoon picture with beautiful songs around the wall.

Dear Friends see my links/attachment., where I am singing the song which was written by Korean volunteers

September Arrivals

September Arrivals

In this month 22 volunteers joined FSL projects. The volunteers are came from Germany, Japan, Belgium and Finland.

Sl NoNameProject
1Svea GaumSeona, Belthangady
2Sara WellingSword, Jamakhandi
3Jonathan SieweckSaki, Hospete
4Rina HiroseSwaraj, Bangalore
5Anni YionenLittle flower, Karkala
6Shannon RowiesInterweave, Bangalore
7Julie DetermmermanSeona, Belthangady
8Henriette Helene NandeshiDani, Bangalore
9Sandra HummSword, Jamakhandi
10Jan WeidenbacherKishkinda, Hampi
11Robin SprengerParisara, Bangalore
12Tim Hal BmannSeona, Belthangady
13Stephanie Carmen MenzelCVTI, Bidar
14Daniel KubnerKanchugodu School
15Eva PiontekChaitanya, Kundapur
16Fenja MeyerManasa, Udupi
17Judith WeberBrahmavar School
18Johanna EssnerHosadu School
19Lisa AndresenSea Turtle, Kundapur
20Michelle LiebheitTent School, Kundapur
21Julian TietzEE, Chickamagalore
Theresa ZepfVagjyothi, Ampar

Final Impression

Final Impression

Looking back to your expectations and goals, would you like to comment on your overall experience here?

  • My project location was great, because I expected to stay the most of the time with only Indians, and so I did. Sometimes I had a few other volunteers here with me in Manasa, which has been no problem. Imaging staying in Kundapur with many other foreign volunteers wouldn’t had been my expectation, but if yes, I think I could have had arranged myself well with it. Overall, it was a great year full of new, different colourful Indian expressions in every ways, which make me happy and proud to remember. Thanks for all your support and all the best with future volunteer coordinating!

  • I would never change this experience for anything in the world.
  • The year in India was an unforgettable experience. Some of my goals remain unfulfilled because I had some naïve expectations and a wrong imagination of India before coming here. But most of the important goals – like spreading happiness, making new friends, teaching good lessons and learning the local language – were achieved. In general, I had a great time in India! Thanks for everything!
  • I have not had detailed expectations before I came, but I definitely had a great and personally enriching time here.
  • I had a really great time in India and Kundapur which I do not want to miss at all. For me the year past actually more quickly in the beginning and stretched out to be longer in the end. Still a year passes by quite quickly. I enjoyed being “Bindass” most of the time and to work the way I felt was good and to take travels which were important for me (family, getting your head of school etc.) My overall objective before I came was to get to know my roots in a way that I will not be a tourist and do something useful while being here. I believe I accomplished that and especially seeing a contrast between the south and north of India and actually many parts of India where things can change and be so differently every 20 km was good. I want to thank the whole FSL-India Team for helping me out mostly as good as possible. Thank You.

Austin in South Korea

Austin in South Korea

The 21st International Youth Forum

The Role of youth for Achieving the Cairo Agenda

18 to 26 of August 2010, Seoul Korea

There were 107 youths were participated from 39 different countries in South Korea to seek ways to encourage youth involvement in achieving the ‘Cairo Agenda’. The participants discussed about the Protection of family dignity, World population for sustainable development and Promotion for public health of the world in this seminar.

The International Youth Forum initiated in 1990 in order to enhance youths’ awareness about global issues and their friendship, based on a special fund created by the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Republic of Korea. Since its first year, the forum has grown consistently and has developed in dealing with various international issues such as Volunteering, Multi-cultures and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and so on.

The program was hosted by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Republic of Korea, Organized by National Council of Youth Organization in Korea (NCYOK) and Sponsored by Asia Pacific Alliance.

My personal experience was the little fear about fist fly in plane!! But Fsl team members guided me very well. I found lots of cultural differences between India & Korea, like dress code, food, infrastructure of the country, travelling in bus, trains & cars, etc. Also I did not see any animal on the street & never heard about blowing horn. The South Korea people are really kind but to communication was little problem for me, same time I managed with sign language. All this experience reminded me about the volunteers feeling while they come for voluntary service in India. Finally, in my point of view, FSL staffs are well supporting volunteers.

Special thanks to FSL, National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea (NCYOK), Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Republic of Korea (MOGEF). Last but not least, I am gratitude to all, who has supported me directly & indirectly for this golden opportunity

Early sea turtle nesting

Early sea turtle nesting

This year’s first sea turtle nest was found and relocated near Maravanthe beach, North of Kundapur. Usually Sea Tutles nest between the month of  October to January in this part of the west coast. Since monsoon is not yet over, there are chances of sweet water entering the nest and destroying  it. It is a challenge for us to protect this nest against the rain. Last year some of the nests totally/partially failed to hatch because of the heavy rainfall at the end of September.

FSL-Work Camps in August 2010

FSL-Work Camps in August 2010

1. Place: Bangalore Theme: Social/Kids

Number of Volunteers: 14 (France, Spain, Greece,South Korea and Italy)

This work camp was conducted with an organization called Sama foundation. The volunteers worked in an informal school run by Sama foundation. Total numbers of children in the school are 40. (Boys-15, Girls-25) The children are between 8 to 14 years of age.

Volunteers also did some renovation work in the school. They painted the wall, drew educational charts on the walls to promote awareness of health and Hygiene, family planning and environment awareness.The volunteers did  country presentation for the children so that they could learn  few aspects about other cultures.

2. Place: Kundapur. Theme: Kids/Environment

Number of Volunteers: 14 (France, Italy,Spain, Korea,Russia)

The volunteers worked in 2 different schools, Anjuman school and Chikensal primary school. The volunteers helped in the renovation work and on the second week of the camp they helped in cleaning the school garden of Chaithanya special school. The volunteers did country presentation for the children as part of the Inter cultural exchange. Volunteers had opportunity to visit interesting places around Kundapur during the cultural visit and Eco-tourism boat trip.

3. Place: Coorg. Theme: Tribal/Environment

Number of Volunteers: 17(France,Korea,Italy,Spain,Lithuania, Belgium,Germany)

During this work camp volunteers worked in Morarji Desai residential school Kushalnagar which is run by the social welfare department for the local tribal kids. Volunteers helped in the gardening work and on the second week of the camp they helped in cleaning the school playground and planting trees at the school campus. The other activities of the work camp were visit to coffee plantation and local families, Tibetan colony and monasteries,elephant camp and nature camps. Cultural evening was organized by which kids  got  chance to know the culture and tradition of  different countries.

4. Place: Daramsala . Theme: Tibetan culture/ kids/Environment

Number of Volunteers: 19 (France, UK,Germany,Singapore, Spain, South Korea

Main focus of this camp to support Yongling and Tibetan welfare school in Mcleodganj by doing some renovation and betterment work. The volunteers painted the school and added some creative material to the classrooms. During the afternoon, volunteers had  chance to interact with the Tibetan population and the youth in particular. With the help of the Tibetan Welfare office, there were visits to the main places of interest in the town of McLeodGanj, to get to know more in detail about the situation of the Tibetans nowadays. Furthermore volunteers will had chance to meet the Tibetan youth and discuss a number of issues and topics. On the third week of the work camp, volunteers participated in 4 day trekking program around the beautiful mountain ranges of Dharamkot and Triund

5. Place: Kerala . Theme: Yoga/Ayurveda/Kids

Number of Volunteers: 14 (Turkey, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Belgium,Germany,Taiwan)

The volunteers participated in learning the Basics of Yoga and Ayurveda in these three weeks of the work camp. Everyday there were topics covered by a professional master (the person in charge of yoga and Ayurveda classes) which was practiced by the volunteers in the mornings.

Apart from this, volunteers helped in conducting classes at St.Mary’s school.  Volunteers helped this school by simple renovation work,interacting with the children, teaching them basic English and Mathematics, Health and Hygiene awareness, environmental protection etc.