Volunteer’s Voice – Ravi Goyal, Hosadu School

Volunteer’s Voice – Ravi Goyal, Hosadu School

Hello Guys,

My name is Ravi Goyal. Let me tell you something quick about my work in the project and living in India.

My Project: Teaching English and Music at the Hosadu Higher Primary School

Teaching here is a challenging, interesting, sometimes slightly boring yet mutually rewarding task. After struggling in the first month it has been quite an experience. Interacting with the children from age 7 to 14 puts me always into unexpected situations which make every day different. I am teaching for 10 months right now and I love it.

Living in India: What is true for teaching applies also for living in India. Awesome opportunities for long travels across the Subcontinent is next to interacting with the locals, what is truly unique about this place. Be prepared to get confused and stop searching to have a rational and logical explanation for everything. Learn to ignore the obvious and India will unfold its beauty. Oh, and be patient. Open Sesame.

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