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Laura Brücker – Tent School – speaks at Rotaract

Laura Brücker – Tent School – speaks at Rotaract

Rotaract Club Kundapur has invited Laura Brücker, volunteering in our tent school project, to talk about her opinion on Kundapur, Indian lifestyle, language, etc. She spoke about her experiences and opinions on Indian family life and in her project, all in our local language Kannada. Her work and the interest and curiosity in learning other language was well appreciated by the Rotaract Club. Finally she was honored with a present from the club president.

Flora and Fauna Club – Volunteer Entertainment

Flora and Fauna Club – Volunteer Entertainment

Every now and then, we volunteers are asked to take part in some function and prepare a little entertainment program. For our batch it started last year at the annual JC-event, for which we wrote a gripping English fairy-tale – a heavily altered version of Snow White with a strong environmental message -, learned an Indian dance, and sung the Indian pop song “Jinke Marina”, amongst others.

This time we had another week to freshen up and improve our existing program. Again, we danced, again we sung, but we added an energetic new choreography to our glorious interpretation of “Jinke Marina”, a romantic love song that seems at times more like a war cry. Our “Snow White” drama benefited even more from his week of rehearsals. We translated the drama into Kannada, the local language, to the demise of some actors but obvious delight of the audience.

And our next short performance is already booked: Sunday, April 4th will see us dancing and singing for 10 minutes in Vagjyothi school for the celebration of their 50th anniversary.

Workshop for “Sustainable Fisheries”

Workshop for “Sustainable Fisheries”

…organized by Karnataka Forest Department Mangalore circle and Western Ghat Task Force, Government of Karnataka.

FSL India  was invited by  the Forest Department of  Mangalore to give a talk about the work of NGOs for sea turtle protection and problems caused by the modern fishing  methods to the sea turtle population.

Participants were officers of the  Forest Department, members of Western Ghat Task Force, the NGO ATREE, many fishermen leaders, Professors from Central Marine fisheries Regional Institute (CMFRI) etc. For FSL and the sea turtle project it was very important to join this meeting to get new contact with  other representatives and to introduce our work and aims.

The content of our presentation was threats to Sea Turtle population, extinction of Leather backs, and use of turtle excluder devices for the nets used by deep sea boats in our area.  Other speakers in their presentation highlighted the problems with  ground water, modern fisheries methods, water conservations and impact of the industrialization. Many suggestions were handed over to the representatives of the state government to preserve bio-diversity of the Mangalore region which is in  top position among the highest polluting cities of the state.

WANTED: 5 Pics of Kundapur and sourrounding!

WANTED: 5 Pics of Kundapur and sourrounding!

Where can I buy postcards of Kundapur?”. This is a question we’re often asked. The sad answer is: There are none. The goods news: The “Eco tourism” project is going to change the situation and will create them!

Please sent us your 5 most beautiful pictures from Kundapur and sourrounding (as normal: as fast as possible). If we choose your picture, you get one of the first ever printed postcard from Kundapur!

Sent the pictures to:

FSL Work Camp in March 2010

FSL Work Camp in March 2010

Camp code : FSL-WC-457      Place : Goa       Number of volunteers: 7

Theme : SOCIAL/KIDS  Team leaders : Pratap & Goutham

The volunteers renovated a school in this camp, they painted the walls. They also taught basic English like alphabets, numbers,… and songs to the children. They played with the children and did some activities with them.



Camp code : FSL-WC-456      Place : Kundapur  Number of volunteers: 11

Theme : ENVIRONMENT/KIDS  Team leaders : Deepak Poojary

The volunteers painted a school. They painted also two class rooms compound of educational charts. The volunteers taught new games to the children, the hygienic, basic English, drawing… The volunteers were able to visit local house people. It was a great cultural exchange !


Camp code : FSL-SPL-112  Place : Dharamsala   Number of volunteers: 20

Theme : TIBETAN CULTURE/ENVIRONMENT/KIDS  Team leaders : Dinesh & Indu

The volunteers renovated a  school, they cleaned the floor, painted walls with educational charts and also benches. They taught to the children basic English. In the last week, all the volunteers had a trek, It was the occasion for them to visit temples.


Camp code : FSL-SPL-111     Place : Kodaikanal   Number of volunteers: 7

Theme : KIDS/ENVIRONMENT  Team leaders : Goutham

The volunteers painted and cleaned a school. They taught games, basic English and mathematics to the children. The volunteers also taught and played sports with the children.


Inaguration of Sanitation Project

Inaguration of Sanitation Project

FSL India has built 15 Toilets under “Sanitation project” between October 2009 to Feb 2010, with the help of South Korean volunteers. It was inaugurated by Mr.Ln. Basavaraj, Governor of Lions Club, on 13th March in Trasi village. President of local Panchayat, President of sanitation committee Mr Abraham Chako, members of Lions club, Staffs of FSL India, members of Sanitation committee, beneficiaries of the program and local people were present.


IJGD Mentor’s training

IJGD Mentor’s training

IJGD has organised first Mentors Training in 2009 in Berlin. Participants from all over the world has participated in that event.

Mentors training 2010 consisted of  following sessions to keep minimum standard to make the WW program successful.

The sessions are,
self reflection on past performance, updating IJGD procedures, Quality management, coordination system, Finance, conflict management and drafting handbook and dialogue meeting with IJGD volunteers.
Also some field trip to project, inaguration of public drinking water filter and eco tourism boat trip.

Finally we are happy to get positive result out of this meeting and for positive feed back from partners.


Save the Tigers

Save the Tigers

I want you to take a look at
Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar
Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

Please join the roar and save them

Profile – Girish

Profile – Girish

Hello, I am Girsh, new member of FSL India. I joined FSL India in the beginning of February. I am 25 years old, basically from Puttur. My education background is, Master of Social work in Community Development.


I have also carried out reaserch work on Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups.


I have participated in several Weightlifting competitions and athlectics during my university period and won some medals too..:)


As of curricular part, I have participated in seminars on; Corporate Social Responsibility prospects & concerns, Sub-Version of Human development and The role of HR in organizational transformation.


My hobbies are, bike riding, cricket, swimming and passionate to books.


FSL Work Camp in February 2010

FSL Work Camp in February 2010


Camp code : FSL-SPL-110 Place : Kerala Number of volunteers: 19

Theme : YOGA/AYUVERDA/SOCIAL Team leaders : Rahul & Katharina

The volunteers looked after of the Ayuverda garden and they had Ayuverda classes and two hours per day of yoga. The volunteers painted the school premises; they also painted the educational charts on the walls. In addition the volunteers also conducted classes for the children and taught Basic English. The volunteers interact with children and also play games with children.

Camp code : FSL-SPL-109 Place : Calcutta Number of volunteers: 9

Theme : TEACHING/HAPPY HEARTS Team leaders : Pratap

The volunteers renovated the school and painted the school premises. The volunteers also taught mathematics and basic English to the children and also had activities with them.

Camp code : FSL-WC-454 Place : Pondicherry Number of volunteers: 11

Theme : SOCIAL/KIDS Team leaders : Dinesh

The volunteers renovated the school and painted the school walls. The volunteers taught mathematics and basic English to the children. The volunteers was really happy of their workcamp.


Camp code : FSL-WC-455 Place : Kundapur Number of volunteers: 6


The volunteers painted the school class & dining room. They painted also educational charts on the walls. The volunteers renovated the pipeline water. They did activities with children and participated in inter-cultural activities with local people by visiting them. The girls also wore sarees!