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Eco-Clubs Get-together

Eco-Clubs Get-together

On the 20th February 2010 FSL and the Eco-Clubs project organized an Eco-Clubs Get Together at Lions Hall at Chaitanya Special School, Kundapura. The 8 schools which are part of the FSL Eco-Clubs project were invited. The children had to prepare a speech competition on the topic “What would the world without plastic?” and they also had to set-up a environmental project that they will realize in their school.
The children as well as the teachers were very well prepared and showed a great interest in the three presentations from resource persons involved in nature around Kundapur as for example a presentation of all the birds you can find in the region.
The Vakwady school was the winner of the environmental project and Siddapura school of the speech competition.
Moreover we could share nice and funny moments with the children that will stay in our memories.

FSL Bilateral Work Camp in January 2010

FSL Bilateral Work Camp in January 2010

Camp code : FSL-IWO Place : Mysore Number of volunteers: 19

Theme : SOCIAL/KIDS Team leaders : Joy & Manjunath

This was a bilateral workcamp with our Koran partner IWO. The Korean volunteers renovated a school in this bilateral camp. They painted the school walls and also repaired the roof of the school. The volunteers conducted activities like games, creative workshop for the children. The volunteers also prepared special Korean food for all students and staffs in the school. There was also a day of sight-seeing for the volunteers in Mysore where they were taken to palaces, gardens, temples, markets etc.

Camp code : FSL-IWO Place : Bangalore Number of volunteers: 17

Theme : SOCIAL/KIDS Team leaders : Pratap & Stephen

This was the second bilateral workcamp in January with our partner IWO. The Korean volunteers renovated a school. They painted the interior and exterior of the school building. They also painted educational pictures on the wall. The volunteers cleaned a drainage near the school and made a playground. The volunteers conducted creative workshops for the children like how to make soap, photos frame etc. There was also a day of sight-seeing in Bangalore where the volunteers were taken to temples, gardens, market place etc.

Camp code : FSL-KNCU Place : Kundapur Number of volunteers: 20

Theme : SOCIAL/TOILET CONSTRUCTION Team leaders : Daya, Dinesh & Steffie

This is the first time that FSL conducted a bilateral camp along with our Korean partner KNCU. In this camp, the volunteers constructed 5 toilets along with the local community. The toilets were constructed on the beach to improve the hygiene as most of the fishermen do not have access to toilets. The volunteers also visited houses of the local people and painted one of the schools. A day of sight-seeing was organized for the volunteers including a boat trip in the backwaters of Kundapur.

Intercultural Activity

Intercultural Activity

On the 6th February,

The International Committee had its first event in Kundapur – the International Cinema was organised in cooperation with the Bhandarkar College and was showing the Bollywood hit “Delhi 6”. A mixed audience – residents and foreigners – enjoyed the movie which dealt with religious and social problems in India. At the beginning of the event the principal of the college, Mr. Chandrashekar Doma, and the secretary of the Intercultural Committee, Mr.Phillip Boeing, inaugurated the function officially by lighting a “Deepa” oil lamp. The next International Cinema will be coming soon!!!

FSL Work Camp in January 2010

FSL Work Camp in January 2010

Camp code : FSL-WC-452 Place : Bangalore Number of volunteers: 14

Theme : SOCIAL/KIDS Team leaders : Dinesh Saranga & Ashley

The volunteers painted a school with educational charts and cleaned the surroundings of the school. They also did some activities with children like conducting games, art and nursery rhymes. The volunteers also taught basic English and mathematics to the children. The teachers were really happy of the volunteer’s efforts in the work camp.

Camp code : FSL-SPL-108 Place : Calcutta Number of volunteers: 10

Theme : TEACHING/HAPPY HEARTS Team leaders : Goutham & Rahul

The volunteers renovated the school and painted the school premises. They also painted educational charts on the walls. They taught the children basic English and Mathematics through creative learning methods like songs, drawing, games etc.

Camp code : FSL-WC-453 Place : Rajasthan – Jodhpur Number of volunteers: 8

Theme : RAINWATER HARVESTING/RURAL/KIDS Team leaders : Deepak, Arun & Katharina

The Volunteers renovated the Rajakia Prathmiea Shala School – they painted the school premises, cleaned the school, they also painted educational charts on the walls. The volunteers interacted with the children and also taught the children songs and games and conducted art activities.

Camp code : FSL-SPL-107 Place : Kundapur Number of volunteers: 12

Theme : SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION/ENVIRONMENT Team leaders : Daya,Dinesh & Steffie

The volunteers and campers built Turtle Information Centers at the beach. They slept in the beach for one night so they could see the turtle eggs hatch. To promote awareness of sea turtle protection, Puppet shows were performed in the schools and Beach ( Kodi School , Uppunda School and Aramakodi Beach). The volunteers also conducted surveys about the turtles and spread awareness to the local people in the villages about the effects of reducing turtle population.


News from NVDA Meeting in Taiwan

News from NVDA Meeting in Taiwan

Rohan D’souza- Director and Daya- Work camp coordinator visited Taiwan to Participate in 8th Training & Networking work camp and the 7th general Assembly of Network for Voluntary Development in Asia(NVDA) held in Taisi,Yun-Lin County , Taiwan, from Jan 17th To 26th, 2010. This General assembly meeting was hosted by NVDA member Vision Youth Action (VYA Taiwan).
The project brought together 33 leaders, staff and volunteers from 17 NGO’s in 12 countries in Asia and Europe to share experience and skills in organizing international workcamps and other voluntary projects.

Welcome! – Orientation Week Feb. 2010

Welcome! – Orientation Week Feb. 2010

This month we welcome four new volunteers from Germany and Italy. Have a great stay with lot’s of meaningful, inter-cultural moments. We also welcome Girish, our newest addition to FSL staff in Kundapur.

From left to right: Julia (Spandana), Giulia (Kishkinda Trust), Juliane (Kanchugodu School), Aline (DhaniDevelopment, Bangalore), Austin (FSL coordinator) and Girish (new FSL staff)